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how much/and how to cook

okay guys,
nooB here about to go on “The Get Big Diet”

It says to eat 3 oz of chicken when cooked, about how much is 3 oz?

Also how do u guys cook ure chicken some recipes please

thx in advance

The simplest and quickest reciepe is to cover your chicken pieces with your favourite spices and oilve oil or butter and just grill them in the stove(middle rack) at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Now if you are even lazier and untalented (at cooking ) just grill em with a touch of of olive oil and later(when ready to eat) add BBQ sauce or any of the cheap ( pick the healthy vairety ofcourse) of sauces available at grocery stores.

I roast a whole one once in a while. It’s not tough. Wash it, put it on a broiler pan, put it in the oven at 325F until it’s done. You can add spices and stuff if you’re going to eat the skin but I don’t.

For smaller pieces I use another simple method. I have two skillets the same size. I put the chicken, usually boneless skinless frozen chicken pops from Costco, in the pan on low and cover with the other pan. I check on it once in a while and when it’s thawed I add veggies (if any) turn up the heat a bit, add spices like garlic powder or poultry seasoning, lemon pepper, or anything you like, cover again and come back in 12 minutes or so. It’s basically steamed that way.

For smaller pieces you can also add spices and wrap it in foil like a little tent (leave some air space, and bake it.

3 oz. is about half of one breast piece if you believe the label on the frozen breast bag. It might pay to get a cheap dietary scale if you’re serious.

Get yourself a cheap foodscale and leave the guesswork to someone else. It takes about 10 seconds, if that, to know how much you’re eating. Mind you, this is more of an issue if you’re actually trying to lose fat. If you’re ‘bulking’ per se, then just make sure you’re getting enough.

Again, Thunder is right get a cheap food scale to measure the chicken. And also the absoulte easiest way to cook anything is on the George Foreman Grill. All you need to do is to add some the spice that you want and just let it sit there till its done. And its not that expensive either.

In Health,

Silas C.

3 oz is about the size of a deck of cards. Like Thunder said just get a foodscale and the guesswork is eliminated.

Ron Popiels “set it and forget it” oven is pretty convenient too. It’s like a toaster for chicken and other meats. And, as he says, “it cuts the fat!”

I laughed at my friend for five days straight for calling up at 3 am and buying the device. When it arrived he had me over for dinner. I have to say, the thing works and works well. The food was delicious.


whoever said buy a scale is correct there. weight stuff for bit and then you can eyeball your portions as you get more familiar with what things looks like. i occasionally whip out the scale/measuring cups to make sure my portions aren’t growing too much. (but i’m a chick trying to keep the pounds OFF)

i marinate my boneless skinless chx breasts in fat-free vinegar-y dressings overnight in the fridge, then throw 'em in the george foreman for 5-8 minutes. my GF also makes perfect cube steak (a great lean red meat) and amazing ahi tuna, halibut, swordfish, etc. yummmm . . . i wish i was going home to some fresh tuna . . .

Exactly with the scale. I don’t have a “boing boing” scale but I hear they work fine. It only takes an extra 10 seconds to make a meal on the scale than it does to eyeball it. Either get a cheap “boing boing” model or a nice digital, either are going to work. The digital one that I have does either ounces or grams which is nice depending on what kind of food calorie chart you are looking at.

Good luck.

Everyone is saying “Buy a scale” which is what I recently did. I bought the 1scale from www.saveonscales.com/1scale.html and it is sweet. It’s digital and pretty inexpensive. As long as you can keep your housemates from using it to measure out other fun substances, it works great.