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How Much Anavar/Winny is Needed?

Hey guys I got little over 2 1/2 vials of test 18 days of avanar (if run recommend 50 mg Ed) and 92 tabs of winny. I got this extremely cheap from a friend that needed money asap. My question is, is this enough to get a noticeable result?

What is everything dosed at?

Not alot of info here. How old are you? What are yur goals? You cycled b4?

Test e250 winny and var is 10mg

  1. I’ve ran test 3 times and winny twice and no anavar. Just trying to boost weight cut and gain lean muscle

Test e250 winny and anavar are 10mg

Sure seems like a mild 11 week cycle
You can run the test at 500 for 11 weeks maybe 12
Id run the var at the beginning then stretch out the winny at the end 40mg a day. Makes it ez 2 pills in am 2 pills in pm
Personally i like eth or cyp for bulking. .Id run prop & var or prop & winny on a cut. Cyp or eth kinda bloats a bit but since yur using leftovers & freebies meh…ithink if diet & work out is good yull get gainz

Yes definitely get bloat from test e. I haven’t had anything besides test e so.i really didn’t know there was a difference in it. So for winter bulking cycle rent test e or cyp and prop for cut cycles? Yeah I definitely feel it’s mild but hell for as cheap as it was I’ll be happy with any results