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How Much Anastrozole During 10 Week Test E Blast?

Howdy all, I’m new to this forum so please be gentle. I’m currently on trt dosing 200mg pinned twice weekly (mon .5ml and thurs .5ml). On pin days I take 1/2mg of anastrozole. On wed and Saturday I’m injecting 500iu HCG (1,000iu total weekly)
Currently 40 years old

My current labs
Labs drawn day of injection before injection

Test 1264
Estrogen 36.9
Dhea 390
Psa .43

My question is that I’m planning on blasting 500mg of test e for 10 weeks and wonder what the anastrozole dose would increase to? I’m wondering if 1/2mg eod would do it or if I would need more based on my current labs. Wasn’t sure if there is an equation to figure it out.

There is no equation. Bloods will be able to help you mid cycle.

Just curious do you get your adex from a doctor or from a UGL/online source.

Not asking for names or anything just one or the other

There is no real linear equation for test to AI dosage. I think that a total of 1mg per week with only 200mgs of test would totally tank your Estrogen. I know it would for me.

Since you are going to 2 and 1/2 times your regular dosage I think you should continue your regular 1/2mg on pinning days dosage. Read up on the signs of high and low estrogen in men just so you can see monitor. If you have to increase dosage then I would try 0.75 mgs on pinning days wait about a week or so and see if the signs of high estrogen go away. Tgen adjust accordingly. Really short of blood work this is all you can do.

From my experience I can take 0.5 mgs of arimidex on pinning days up to about 600mgs then all of a sudden i need more and more of the arimidex. When I cruise and I am still dialing in my Cruse dose and my corresponding AI dose, I can cruise on on 250-325 and take 0.25 mgs on pinning days but it just isn’t quite enough. Any sort of EOD dosing doesn’t work for me anymore, it use to but not now. On 250-325 if I go up to 0.5 on pinning days it will take a week or two but I definitely start showing signs of low estrogen.

I wish I could give you a more concise answer but there just isn’t one. Everyone is different and then you have to factor in UGLs not being 100% accurate then factor I variations in batches, ect…

I have a feeling you would be able to get away with your original dose even at 500mgs a week, AIs are just weird like that. A basic dose covers a wide range of test mg dosages then once you get to like 750 it’s like you have to triple the dose .

Just some fyi. If you get gyno during your run and you keep increasing your AI but it doesn’t help then that is from the HCG and you need a SERM like Nolvadex or clomid. Preferably Nolvadex it just works better. The HCG make our balls aromatize testosterone and no amount of any AI can stop it so all you can do is block that estrogen from attaching to the tissue and growing tits.
Chances are if you are not having issues right now then you won’t have them on the cycle, that is in regards to the HCG estrogen.

It just dawned on me after I hit send. I bet your AI dose would tank your Estrogen if you didn’t have the HCG aromatizing the test in your balls. It probably is eliminating all of the regular Aromatase enzyme. You might actually be able to take less AI and still have the same numbers on your blood work. This is just more of a case to say your current dose will probably cover the 500mgs a week on cycle.

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Thanks for the response man, very informative and appreciated. So staying at my current dose of anastrozole will keep my lvls relatively the same, even though my test lvl will probably go to about 3k? Also is 36.9 a good lvl or is it on the verge of being too high? I keep seeing KSman on forums saying 22 is the spot. Is that just some bro-science or is that backed up by actually facts? I feel good, good libido, no gyno, etc. so from what I was told from my doc is if you feel good then don’t mess with it lol. Thanks in advance!

Oh and I forgot to ask if needed to use Nolva, how much and how often should I start with? But from what I’m reading I probably won’t need it?

As far as what number is good, idk. What I know is when I go over my blood work with my Dr at the VA it has always been the lower half of the range. I simply don’t remember what that is and I tend to only go read up on stuff that is a current issue or somehow relevant to current situations.

What I was saying about the AI dose, and this is the combination of both comments and realizations. Without knowing more about you, your situation, your pre trt levels ect… I think that 0.5 mgs of arimidex twice a week with only 200 mgs of testosterone is a lot of arimidex. I would definitely tank my estrogen at that dose/combination. Given that you are on HCG and HCG makes our balls aromatize testosterone that no amount of AI can stop then I think that is responsible for the amount of estrogen you do have in your system. Everyone is different but that dose / combination just seems like it would crush just about everyone else’s estrogen, provided you are using properly doses gear/arimidex. I know that at the beginning of my journey o definitely aromatized testosterone more than the next guy and I would dose 400-500mgs a week with a total of 1 mg of arimidex. I did get blood work done at this combination and like I said I have always come back at the low half of appropriate range.
So in totality I think you have a very good CHANCE of not needing to increase your arimidex dosage when you go to 500mg a week.
Since I think you have a good chance of currently dosing where the estrogen in your system is all from the HCG/balls situation it won’t matter if you ovdr dose your arimidex when you go to 500mgs a week, you will still have the estrogen from the HCG. I am in no way saying you should do this. I am saying all of this because you kind of have a safety net built in because of the HCG.
Another way of saying it is if you ran your current dosage without HCG I bet you would be at the very bottom of the scale for estrogen, not low optimal, just barely any estrogen at all.

I feel like I am talking in circles. I know what i am trying to say but it’s just not coming out.

I think when you go to 500 a week if I were you I would stay at the same arimidex dose and self monitor. I bet you will be fine. The estrogen might go up it might not. Right now I think that out of your total estrogen only a very tiny amount, if any, is actually from the regular aromatization process of free testosterone. I think the majority is from the HCG situation. UNLESS you have a high body fat percentage. Body fat aromatizes test too. The body was why early in my journey I had to take what seemed like rather high doses of AI. I remember I kept thinking I had bad sources, bad batches, ect. I tried arimidex then aromasin, I got some femara but never used it regularly. I tried different sources. I finally accepted that I just had to take higher doses but that has changed as I have leaned out.

If you have a higher body fat percentage then it is more likely that your current dose / combination is not eliminating the majority or all of the regular aromatization of free testosterone.

I could be way off on all of this too. I don’t have true trt experience with a doctor. Maybe 1 mg a week is rather common for 200mgs of test. All of this is based on my experience and to me that seems high yet you have what I think is a healthy amount of estrogen.

If you do get estrogen gyno issues and the increased AI dose doesn’t fix it theb you will probably need Nolvadex. I would think 10mgs every other day would be a good starting point. I really don’t think this will occur. If it was going to happen I would think it would have already at your current dose. Nolvadex has a pretty long half life if i remember correctly and since in this situation you just want it to block gyno then a low steady dose should be sufficient. Again provided you have properly doses gear.

Thanks for the time you have put in on this matter man! I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your help and knowledge on this.

Unfortunately currently I’m sitting at 28% body fat. Mostly belly and inner thighs. But I was at almost 36% about 3 months ago so I’m making progress. So I may try upping my dose to .75 twice weekly and see how I feel on the 200mg trt dose. Well actually I put a lil extra so I’m really doing 225mg weekly.

So I may hold off on the blast for 2-3 weeks till I see what upping the dose may do. I was wondering if it doesn’t change anything with my estrogen lvl if lowering my HCG to .8ml a week (800iu) will help. I’ve consistently heard that 20-30ngl is the best estrogen lvls.

I am in the same boat as you were though beings I’m shedding fat % and will always have to adjust my AI.

Hey bud question for ya,

So I’m 5 weeks into the blast of 500mg of Test E. I was having some Ed issues low libido and I have been getting acne on chest and back (I never get acne). Plus on Father’s Day I almost teared up over a damn card lol. So I completely dumped my hcg and feel my dick returning to normal (morning wood, libido, harder). So I’m assuming my estrogen was on the high side. I guess my question is I’m taking anastrozole still at .25 eod… should I continue or stop that as well imo. Should I let the estrogen in and let my body work it out? And if I don’t drop it is eod ok or should I go back to .5 on injection days?

Ok depending on when exactly you stopped the HCG that will be the starting point for my suggested course of action time table.

Given that you stopped the HCG you need to now let your body adjust to not having that estrogen in it. If we start adjusting your dose of AI too quickly we are changing too much and won’t be able to identify the issue. In other words we will be chasing our tail if we don’t allow time for each adjustment to take effect. So from the day you stopped the HCG i would wait about two weeks before adjusting the AI. Now I could be off on the two weeks I am just not real experienced in knowing how long the HCG will still influence our bodies after we stop using it. Maybe someone with a bit more experience or some book knowledge on HCG can comment on how long it still affects stuff in our bodies.

I am fairly sure that two weeks after we stop the HCG it should no longer be forcing the aromatization in our balls and that extra estrogen and all its after effects should be gone. So two weeks after you stop if you are still having estrogen issues then at that point I would jump the dosage up to 0.5 mgs on days that you inject the testosterone. Then wait another two weeks to see if that dose is getting the desired results. Really a week on a new dose should give you an idea but everything might not be completely equalizing on the new dose. At two weeks everything should be equalized and balanced out.

A lot of guys get estrogen issues then start taking or adjusting the dose. They take a new dose for a day or two and expect everything to be all better but it takes longer than that for everything to take effect. After two or three days they don’t see the results they want then they up the dose then they end up tanking their estrogen so they think something else is messed up like they got bad gear or something. They don’t wait long enough on a new dose to see if it is working so they end up panicking.

Just remember that as long as you are not visibly getting larger and larger tits by the day then whatever side effects you are experiencing from the estrogen are NOT permanent. If you or anyone is going tits and trying to dial in your AI dose just add in a little Nolvadex for a couple days while the new AI dose balances out, that will keep the gyno at Bay while the new AI dose does what it needs to.

So go ahead and stick with .25 eod and if the high estrogen sides are still there then up it to .5 on injection days. In sense won’t that be the exact same amount? Or are you simple saying up continue the .25 eod and up the dose to .5 on injection days only.

My last HCG injection was Sunday of last week. So I’m almost 1 week clean in sense lol.

I completely understand not doing to much at once, a buddy of mine was very impatient and felt he was getting gyno and upped his adex to 1mg eod and Nolva 20mg Ed… before he new it he crashed his shit. It looked rather undesirable.

From what I’ve researched for optimal muscle growth you need a certain amount of estrogen. Too much it’s bad and too little it’s bad. Gonna do blood work (full panel) at the end of week 6 so that should be perfect for everything to stabilize.

Sorry I had it in my head you were 0.25 mg on injection days. 0.25 EOD is basically the same as 0.5 on injection days and for 500mgs a week that is the dose most guys end up using.

Increasing the 0.25 EOD to something like 0.37 would be hell for dosing accurately. If you are not where you want to be with 0.25 EOD then I would think about keeping the EOD schedule but dosing 0.5 then 0.25 then 0.5 then 0.25 and so on. But even that dosing is going to not be in sync with your injection peaks and valleys.

Something think about with arimidex, it has something like a three day half life but like all long half life drugs that doesn’t mean it has the same amount per day doing stuff in your blood stream. I assume it’s going to peak within one day then taper down like most things. I think that is why so many guys get good results taking their dose on injection days, both the injection and arimidex peak and then taper down together. (Keep in mind the arimidex isnt acting on the test itself, it is acting on the Aromatase enzyme and I still do not know how quickly our bodies react with the enzyme after we inject. Just can’t seem to find that study if it exists) I think you are early in your cycle history so if the 0.25 EOD doesn’t do it for you after two weeks or so you might think about switching over to the larger dose on injection days but keep about the same total mgs for the week. Just so many guys seem to find that dosing schedule to work best.

If you are already seeing a difference in regards to libido and such chances are you have a current dose that is close to optimal already.

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Your a wealth of knowledge my man! Thanks again for your time and help on this matter. I hope one day I can pay it forward and I to can help out someone in the shoes I’m currently wearing with my experiences and knowledge.

On a side note, I didn’t think I was bloating but since I stopped the HCG I have shed almost 4lbs lol. Guess all the more that my E was elevated lol.

Well thanks again bud, have a good one!

Hey bud, so Sunday will be 2 weeks and haven’t changed anything except coming off HCG… now I tell ya, for about a week I felt good libido and erections. Now back in the dumps. Same protocol I was doing .25 eod. Is it possible I blew right past optimal and went to low E? Half way through doing the deed with the wife last night I lost my erection (haven’t had that happen since I stopped drinking) spoke with my trt doc and we are doing bloodwork the 11th of July. Week 7 of the blast. He said my e is probably in the toilet. What I don’t get is on trt 200mg per week with the 1000iu HCG and the exact same anastrozole protocol my e lvls were 36 and test 1267. Now I’m at 500mg but dropped the HCG, with that being said can the same 1mg of anastrozole amount per week crash my E2 lvls?

Not sure if I’m talking in circles here but should I just continue the same protocol for the next 2 weeks until my blood work?

Does high or low e effect gains?

No achy joints either.

Man I just seen this lol. I get my adex from a script from my trt doc… funny thing is cvs txts me every 30 days to renew the script and I reply yes so I have like 120mg of adex in my safe lol! I use my insurance and it’s dirt cheap. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner man :grimacing:

Lol no worries bro I had to scroll up to remember why I asked.

I think i asked because your estrogen is High for that low test dose and amount of adex but now I think about it I’m sure it’s due to the hcg.

Was originally thinking the adex was ugl and not dosed right but didn’t think about the hcg

Got ya! Man I’m done with that HCG lol. Once off of it I got no more anxiety. Wife and I aren’t planning on anymore kids and I’m gonna be on trt for life so it won’t matter if my balls go into atrophy lol.

Now the question is if I’m an adex over responder. Not gonna be able to do labs for 2 weeks beings I can only do Thursday and next Thursday is a holiday :unamused: But in the bright side that will put me at week 7, so all hormones should be what their gonna be.

On a side note, blood pressure seems to be fine. Bought a machine and seems consistent with 131/71, slight high but that’s at peek hours during the day.

Oh hey, maybe you will know… does high or low E affect gains?

I am. I can’t stand the stuff I get along much better with aromasin if I need to use an AI.

You need estrogen to build muscle. So yes low estrogen can affect gains it can also make you feel like shit which will make training hard.

High estrogen will not affect gains. Unless it’s so high you cant stop crying long enough to lift weights or some other extremely rare unlikely circumstance.


Hey man, what length needle do you use in your delts? The reason I ask is I’m using 25g 5/8s. I don’t get pip immediately, but sometimes 2 days later it gets sore. Does that mean I’m not in the muscle and doing sub q. I don’t get lumps but like my right shoulder was fine and all of the sudden it’s sore around the injection site and feels bruised to the touch. No redness or swelling so I know it’s not an infection. Like I said this happens randomly.
I also work delts 30 minutes after the injection.