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How Much Alpha Lipoic Acid After High-Carb Meals?

How much of ALA to take after a high carb meal? I have one from Swanson 300 mg…i know i need the R-ALA from ALA but how much to take? 1200 mg is enough after the meal?

According to scientific literature, 600mg/die is plenty (DAILY not, after every single meal, in fact doses higher than 1500-1800 mg daily have proven to be toxic)

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Hi…500 mg of R-ALA with a high carb meal is ok? Twice a day…total1000 mg/day…or it is too much? I feel heartburn when i take it and drink more water after…it is normal?

I’d be interested in the benefits and proper application of R-ALA into a body building program.

Im interested if any natural supplements do anything at all.

It should be taken before meals, not after. It’s essentially useless (as a glucose disposal agent) if taken after a meal.

Yes, it’s too much for you, as the reply you got a few weeks ago suggested.

That’s a normal side effect when the dose is too high.

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Most commonly as a glucose disposal agent, it can help improve insulin sensitivity especially from high-carb meals. Ideally helping to “reduce the damage” of eating higher carb. It also has some unrelated antioxidant benefits.

There’s a ton of evidence (both lab and anecdotal) supporting a ton of different natural supps, including R-ALA.


Ohh…ok…and i think i have this reflux acid because of that…when i eat and when i train.most of the time when i bench for chest and lay down my head and when i push myself i feel like i vomit…on decline is even worse

are you working out 2 minutes after your meal ?

I have a meal with 2,5-3 hours before i workout…i quit the preworkout, but the feeling is the same

Thanks…now i take it before meals…just 500 mg/day…250 mg before two high carb meals and i don t have that heartburn anymore