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How Much AI Does Masteron Provide Instead of Arimidex?

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If you want to use the HCG, start pinning it now, 250iu’s either EOD or E3D. If you do, stop the HCG at the same time as your other injections, taking it during PCT will be counter-productive. Speaking of your PCT, you only need clomid or nolva, aromasin is a cycle drug, not PCT. Nolvadex is the best on paper, and all the research says it is pointless to take both together during PCT. IIRC, standard Nolva PCT would be 40/40/20/20 (with some advocating just 20/20/20/20).

Why did you wait a week between the test/EQ and prop/mast injections? Could have rolled right into them as far as I know. And while masteron purportedly has AI-like effects, most I have talked to still use an AI. But if you already have an AI on hand, you could play it by ear so to speak and see how it effects you.

Body fat percentage is not BMI - they’re different, and you are using BMI when you mean body fat.

You probably won’t need an AI on that combo.

First, thank you for the response.
The reason behind my waiting a week after the test 400 and eq 400 shots was the deconate ester in the test blend and the undeconate ester with the eq. I figured I had an adequate build up of the test (my main concern) to allow fairly consistent plasma levels / ester releasing. Also I figured if I started my eod prop injections on the half week mark where I would have pinned the test 400 had I still run that then I would have had a spike in active test levels. So I waited a week to let the longer chain test release and then started the prop. I know I still had a peak or pyramid of test levels with waiting a week I just was hoping it wouldn’t be as high of a peak. And again I am running without having on cycle blood work and my estrogen control is through trial and error. I am a veteran and the VA health care I get for life because of my deployment to iraq is better left out of the loop in regards to my cycling. I will get post cycle blood work done and I did have blood work about 2 months prior to starting.

In regards to the Nolvadex and clomid comment, I thought clomid did something to directly stimulate the LH and the FSH ( something like that) and Nolvadex did not directly stimulate these two. I know mg for mg Nolvadex is stronger it just didn’t have that stimulation characteristic.

I do a lot of reading and I honestly dont know what is accurate or bro science so please don’t take any of this as me rejecting what you have said. I know my knowledge base is flawed and that is why I have asked for input.

The reason I have the aromasin for pct is it is an AI and I thought I had to control the estrogen rebound that could eat away at my hard fought gains. As I understood the Nolvadex and clomid are serms and they only stop the estrogen from acting on certain tissues like gyno. The reason I picked aromasin for a pct AI over arimidex is that as I understood it aromasin is the only AI that is a steroid suicide inhibitor and it is during the post cycle when the steroid suicide becomes a possible issue. I think it was something to do with an enzyme that builds up when there is low testosterone in the system or builds up from a dramatic change in testosterone levels.

When I was putting my stack together I remember thinking due to some reading that I was possibly going to need less AI in pct because I was finishing my cycle with less aromatizing mgs and the estrogen rebound could be less due to that.

Finally in your opinion do I NEED the hcg or can I save it for next run? I know I need it if I run deca or tren. I have read that test only cycles can be fine with clomid only. I think eq is about as suppressive as test. I could not find anything on how harsh or suppressive masteron is so I think that is my deciding factor.

Check out the ‘About the Pharma’ thread at the top of the board, there are some good bookmarked threads in there with answers to a lot of this.

If you take the aromasin during cycle, you won’t need it during PCT. Aromasin kills off the estrogen (suicidal AI), while arimidex and others merely block the estrogen from binding to the receptor. If you are taking one of those type AIs, then you have to worry about estro rebound because they do nothing to lower the amount of estrogen in your system. If you take aromasin during cycle, then there is no estrogen left to rebound when you come off - your body is starting from normal levels (and yes, you still want some estrogen to be able to function properly). Which AI did you take during your cycle?

It is my understanding that you don’t need an AI during PCT - it won’t be detrimental necessarily (someone chime and correct me if I’m wrong) - but there is no benefit. At that point, the SERM is taking care of any estrogen in your system (as far as blocking conversion or binding) while also stimulating LHRH and FSH to get your natural production started back up. Honestly, I am going from memory on this, and I don’t worry about PCT anyway since I am currently blasting and cruising (TRT when off cycle). Check in the ‘About the Pharma’ thread like I mentioned, there are a couple bookmarked threads specifically dealing with PCT and which drugs do what - look for stuff by KSman, he seems to be the authority on TRT and PCT related stuff around here.

As to the HCG, that one is up for debate. I know guys who rarely (if ever) use it and have no issues restarting, while other guys swear it is essential. A far as which drugs affect what, I’ve never heard of a tren or deca cycle requiring HCG while a test only cycle does not. Most of what I’ve read on it is all or nothing.

Thanks for pointing out the about pharma. I am using my phone and for the life of me I swear I had tried to click on it before. Either way this time it worked . I had seen the one about serm dosing before but could not find it again.

I have been using arimidex on cycle.

Since I have been using arimidex on cycle then I SHOULD use aromasin during PCT?