How Much Adex to Use?

I have a friend of mine who is planning on running Sust 250 EOD for 6 weeks. How much Adex do you think he should use? My guess was .75-1ml depending on sides.

You’re statement is confusing to me. The dose will be 250mg/EOD?

I’m assuming he used the wrong measurement for his dose of Adex?

few things.
first how much sust is he taking im sure its not 250mg eod maybe thats the product but not the amount.
and second how much is in 1ml of adex,you say .75-1ml but is that 1mg per ml or is it 10mg/ml what amount

a common dose of adex is starting at about .25mg ed and going up or down based on personal sides

Sorry about it being disjointed and poorly written I threw this down in a matter of moments before I had to leave for work. He is planning on using 1ml of Sust 250 EOD. The Adex we have is 1mg per ml so I will advise him to start at .25mg and change the dose based on sides.

At 875mg/week of testosterone, .25mg/day is not a sufficient dose. I would use between .75-1mg/day.

[quote]W.H.B. wrote:
At 875mg/week of testosterone, .25mg/day is not a sufficient dose. I would use between .75-1mg/day.[/quote]

I would use what got the job done.

Problem with most “dosages” we throw around here is that we are all talking about drugs with so many contending variables and, for the most part, so little standardization or even quality control, that numbers cease to have any meaning.

.25mg/d may actually be a good dose of adex for this cycle, and, if it were certified human grade anstrozole, then it may well be. But most of us are using who knows what.

My new recommendation for AI is, sadly: Use what works for you. You may throw your estrogen production into the crapper for a few weeks or months, and this is definitely no fun, but if you are careful and diligent, you can find the dosage that is right for you with a little experimentation and observation in bumping the dosages up and down.

My experience with arimidex has been ALL OVER the board, and I can not in good conscious tell somebody that Xmg/d is the “right” dosage for a given cycle, because that sure as hell has not been my experience.

Oh, btw, W.H.B, this was in no way at all a pot-shot at your post, I was just quoting it because it made me think of what I wrote thereafter. You are, IMO, “right” in that, for the most part, .75-1mg/d of arimidex is just about right for close to a gram a week of test.

I think adex is over rated and aromasin is a better choice to avoid aromatase rebound


I’m in complete agreement with you on, “I would use what got the job done.” and everything else you said. I personally, while finding the liquid chem versions of these drugs more convenient, now choose to use pharmaceutical grade tablets.

To address why I would answer as I did, the beginners on this forum-and every other steroid forum-tend to want definitive answers. If he were to have asked me about my philosophical view on the use of AI’s, I would have given an answer quite similar to yours, though somewhat different, as I have a few not-so-popular viewpoints. Those sorts of questions are, however, not typically asked by beginners but by the more advanced users.