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I have diet down on my fat to 7% I weight 140
how many cals a day to pack on muscles
Thanks ken

Go to the www.t-mag.com main page and click on “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ). Your answers are there.


Before anyone else does it, may I sugguest that you check frequency asked question and do a search. To give you a ball park answer. It depends. How many calories are you consuming now? Whatever it is, slowly increase it by a 100 calories a week, until you start to soften, then cut back until you are hard again. And it is back and forth like that forever.
Simple guidelines were 13 X Lean Body Weight to lose, 15 X to maintain and 18 to 20 to gains. Do your research, developed your plan, train, analyze your results, adjust your plan as necessary. Best of Luck.

Ken, if you go to www.t-mag.com, the home page, you can use the search engine there to search though old articles. You need to do some serious reading about diet and nutrition. To begin with, look up “Diet Manifesto.”

It’s not just about calories, but what kind of food you eat, whether you’re getting enough protein, how often you eat, macronutrient percentages, etc. The number of calories you take in is only a small part of the equation.

For one thing, you’re going to need to start keeping a food log if you want to ask for help with your diet here on the forum. So do a search on “food log” or “food diary.” There’s an article called “The Missing Link,” I believe, that tells you how to set one up. And some people do it online at www.fitday.com, I believe. At this point, not knowing your age or your activity level, all we could do is guess.

Read up a bit, and I’d be glad to kick things around with you.