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How Many Years Have You Trained?

I’m soon to be 35, so I scan this area alot. “What I wish I knew” has gotten me thinking - How much total time have we all put in to lifting?

Here’s my stats to get it started:
Started - Summer of 1987
Age - 16
Total Years - 18 - I’ve never taken much more than a month off of physical activity, and that was usually due to injury.

About 6 months.

Most people have this in their profile.

I started in 6th grade lifting my dad?s 6 ft pry bar. 1969

I started when I was 14 so it’s now 32 years that I’ve spent training various sports. Weights have ALWAYS been there.

To me, working out is like “moving meditation” if you understand what I mean?

I’ve played sports all my life, but didn’t pick up weights til I was a junior in highschool. ten years now.