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How Many Weeks Do You Wait Before Re-Testing One Max Effort Exercise

For instance, your main upper body variations are
Floor press
Close grip

Are 4 weeks enough?

Id say it depends how long you have been lifting and how strong you are?

As a general rule I’d say however often you want to test your 1rm, wait longer. A real 1rm test is draining and will detract from training and progress.

For what it’s worth I’m currently running a 12 week percentage based training cycle and I might re-test at the end, or I might do another 4-8 weeks before retesting.

Once you have your 4 records for your 4 lifts, you can run a 4 week rotation and just add 5 pounds for a new record each time a lift comes up. Slow and steady! Leave a little in the tank. Don’t get excited or hyped up, just lift 5 more pounds than last time. This way, you can use those 4 lifts for a long time. It works great.

Or you can “Re-Test” and truly lift for a new, all-out max. If I go this way, I “burn out” faster and need to rotate new exercises in. Its fun to smash records by 10-15 pounds, but after awhile it’s mentally hard. Instead of getting phsyched out and missing lifts, just rotate to a new lift and blast away.

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How long to wait? Forever…unless its a competition squat, bench or deadlift.

Great mate that was very helpful, thanks a lot