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How Many Vitamins Are Too Many?


Hey guys,

A general question here. How many vitamins are too many? Seriously? It seems that my family and peers are worried about the amount of vitamins I take and suggests I slow down. Perhaps they just don't understand my intentions or I am taking too much at a time. Here's my list:

1x Multi-vitamin
1x Green tea extract (2x a day)
1x CLA (3x a day)
1x Chromium Picolinate
1000mg Glucosamine & MSM (2x Daily)
1000mg Vitamin C
(Thinking of taking Bulgarian Tribulus)

All servings are taken as directed on the bottle and the first servings are taken around the same time (mid morning).

On top of that I take:

5-10g Creatine Etyl Ester
10g Glutamine
1 serving of no-xplode
2-3 protein shakes a day (100% whey by ON and N-Large2 by Prolab)

With a 2700 - 3200 caloric diet

I'm 5'5"- 155lbs - 21 years old

I can't see why this would be too much, but I could be wrong. What do you think?


Umm...what does your screen name mean?




Meaning? I'd rather not define the meaning, but it's a nickname givin to me by a few buddies of mine. Don't read too much into it.


Names changed since my question doesn't seem to be the topic here. Thumbs Up


Heh, this doesn't really answer your question but you don't seem to have any EFA supplements, throw in some fish oil caps :wink:


Be prepared man. Of course they think you're nuts.
Comes with the "job".

If you keep up with this lifestyle, be prepared to have everyone around you think you're nuts for taking pills, drinking shakes, eating odd food, working out, looking the way you do, etc.

Remember the majority of people are eating pizza, burgers and watching tv. That is considered more "normal" than what you are doing....and yes, the irony is amazing.

And no, doesn't seem like you're taking too much of anything.


who cares what the normal folk think :wink: you are not average, you are a T-Man


You don't take a lot. You should see what I take.

By the way I'm not so sure that CLA does a darn thing. How have you found that it works for you?


1 multi a day is fine. If you really want to take 2 (day/night) then go ahead. Make sure they don't contain iron if you take more than 1 or even avoid it all together.

I also am skeptical of CLA. But, I like to think that people got lean and strong long before most of the stuff you are taking was available. That doesn't make them bad. It just doesn't make them magic.

If you aren't splitting that vit. C through the day you are pissing the majority away. Especially since any good multi has 100-500% of da.req.


You're taking too many vitamins when you don't need the ones you are taking. So if you don't need those all of those, you're taking too many.

So let me ask you this - why are you taking those particular vitamins?


I've just started on the CLA so I haven't seen that much of a difference yet. crosses fingers

The reason why I take those specific vitamins is because I've researched them and decided to give em a try.

The glucosamine and MSM has done wonders for my joint inflamation btw.

Any of you know about vitamins that may "Cancel each other out" or fight for priotiry?
I heard Glutamine and Creatine have a bit of a battle if taken at the same time. But I personally think it's a truck load of bull because they are 2 completely different substances.


research and findings change like the wind.

Persoanlly I have found 1 multi to be sufficient. The only reason I have seen for chromium is potential for fat loss aid. Is this an issue for you?

I also used to use gluc. and M, but after awhile I decided to just go with fish oil and I've not had any problems since. As a poster above said, you should look into taking these.

My humble opinion, best bang for your buck supp is fish oil. Do some research on that one. And it's extremely inexpensive. Helps with joints, recovery, test production.....it's a great one.

There can be issues with 'canceling out' between vitamins and minerals. That's why I stick to the least is the best philosophy.

The glut/creatine thing has little to do with the makeup of each. It, I believe, has more to do with receptors and availability than anything.


I wouldn't rely on Vitamin supplements as my main source of vitamins.I would say to eat enough fruits and vegetables,then take a vitamin.


Okay - that is a good reason.

Like many of the other poster have asked, have you considered fish oil? You would get the benefits of reduced joint inflamation, plus a host of other goodies, including promotion of fat loss. You could drop the glucosamine, MSM and CLA, get the same effects and save some dollars.


That is where the magic of practical chemistry can be applied.