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How Many Veges? Let's be Honest

T-men and T-Vixens, Everyone knows veges are free. Especially those damn green leafy ones. Or not. And yes the occasional green banana, Green apples are thrown into the mix.

But How much do you eat? Do you count it as Free? Do you see it as a loan or Credit on Sheets like Thibs? (where he counts them, but on the side).

Personally i eat almost 500gs of Broccoli, 200-300gs of celery, 200-300gs of cabbage, onions, garlic, ginger roots.

Egg plants at about 100gs, cucumbers sometimes.

Basically i get through almost 1kg of veges (raw) a day.

I also eat carrots, red kidney beans, cauliflower and what have you on training days.

I mean, damn thats alot. All this can actually add up to 70-100gs of usabele carbs as well which is shocking.

The shitty thing is. I am not constipated but my excretions are not HUGE. they are… small. Its weird. I mean, im not one to go around and brag about how big my crap was. But when taking in like 50gs of fiber minimum… Maybe, this is just too much! I come from the tropics so veges are cheap. Real Cheap…

Wow dude I would not have time to eat all those veges. I count nothing, that would be way to much work and I would probably under eat if I did. I should try some Superfood myself.

I probably eat 4-6 cups of spring salad mix a day. I simply don’t have enough room on my plate. lol.

Greens + (have some left).

Broccoli some days and spinach almost everyday.

Not a lot of veggies but a ton of fruit.

Broccoli is the #1 veggie IMO because it’s actually got some caloric value and good fiber. I agree that the recommended 10-12 servings of fruits and veggies a day is excessive, especially when one is dieting. There’s not enough room in a days worth of eating for all of that if you’re trying to get at least 1g protein/lb BW. I supplement with a multivitamin. Superfood is expensive.

No vegis for breakfast but I do have a hand full of mixed blueberries,raspberries,&

10 A.M.- carrot
12 PM- 2 hand full of Red Kale
3 pm- Some berries
4 pm- Broccoli
10pm -red kale.

Really don’t get much but I do eat a shit load of fruits. Kiwi,bananas, cherries, pineapple, oranges!

Vegetables and fruits are not that cheap…

During the last couple of weeks of my contest prep, I was putting away a bag of lettuce each day, as well as a couple of lbs of raw broccoli and cauliflower. When I cut out the greens the last 1/2 week, I lost several lbs of intestinal ‘bloat’ due to the fiber and water issues.


I would even know where to begin eating that many veggies… You are downing all those raw???

I eat a ton of veggies and fruits everyday. I make a veggie+ommelette everyday for my 2nd meal containing broccoli, some eggplant, onions, carrots, capsicums and really whatever else I have. I also eat fruits 4+ times a day. Veggies and fruits are a lot cheaper than meats, especially if you go to your local farmer’s market.

There’s really no excuse not to eat veggies. Lol@not having enough space on your place.

Also, it’s funny to see some guys who’ll do 20-rep squats, multiple drop sets, etc. then are scared of eating some greens.