How Many Times Per Week Should I Train a Muscle Group?

Last time I looked at this thread posts were on topic, respectful debate, flame free and all that other good stuff lel.

So… if mmamachine’s premise is legit than does 10-20% faster gains on higher frequency mean low frequency dudes have wasted years of their lives?

Tbh I like the journey so IDGAF.

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BTW, the answer is 42.


Yes, that’s what it means bro.

Just take a look at the muscle proten synthesis study man. It went to baseline at the 36 hour mark. And they did 12 sets of 6 - 12 reps. That’s high volume.

‘The answer is 42’ is a reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was meant to be funny…

Kids these days…


Could you give an example of what a week of training would look like? Because training every muscle group with one direct exercise per session requires very dialed-in programming. It could very easily be argued that the particular full body approach you’re talking about requires more thinking than a bodypart split to allow progress and avoid overuse/overtraining.

Much more importantly, you haven’t updated your training log since you started this thread almost a week ago. What have your workouts looked like most recently? What you were doing wasn’t anything close to optimal for building size, so I’m wondering if you’ve adjusted your plan.

If you wanted to do full body 3 times per week this is how it’s going to look like:
Back Squat - 5X5 or 3X8 (Pick one rep range)
Bench Press (Incline / Flat / Decline - Doesn’t matter pick one) - 5X5 or 3X8
Bent Over Row (Overhand Grip or Underhand Grip) - 5X5 / 3X8
Strict Overhead Press Or Push Press - 5X5 / 3X8
Chin Up - 5X5 / 3X8
Stiff Leg Deadlift - 3X8-12 (Accessorie Movement)
Incline Curl - 3X8-12 (Accessorie)
Lateral Raise - 3X8-12 (If your medial delts are lagging, it’s optional)
Face Pull - 3X8-12 (Don’t skip this exercise, works the posterior delts and the rotator cuff muscles, very important exercise)
Cable Crunch / Hanging Leg Raise - 3X10-20
Calf Raises - 3X8-15


  1. Front Squat - 5X5 / 3X8
  2. Deficit Deadlift - 1X5 / 1X8
  3. Bench Press - 5X5 / 3X8
  4. Bent Over Row - 5X5 / 3X8
  5. Overhead Press (Switch To Other Variaton, If you did Strict on monday, do Push Press today) - 5X5 / 3X8
  6. Chin Up - 5X5 / 3X8
  7. Incline Curl / Concentration Curl - 3X10-12
  8. Lateral Raise - 3X10-12
  9. Face Pull - 3X10-12
  10. Calf Raises - 3X10-15
  11. Hanging Leg Raise / Cable Crunch - 3X10-20
  12. Glute Ham Raise - 3X10-15

Friday: Repeat Monday Workout

Progression would be something like this:

  1. If you picked 5X5 you would try to add some weight on every workout if you are beginner, if you are intermediate you would have heavy, medium and light days and add weight when you feel like you can, if advanced you will have to wait more to progress
    2, If you picked 3X8, you would add reps to the sets untill you reach 3X12, after that add some weight and reset to sets of 8 reps. Example: Workout 1: 8/8/8, Workout 2: 9/9/9, Workout 3: 10/10/10, Workout 4: 11/11/11, Workout 5: 12/12/12, Workout 6: 8/8/8 (Add Weight)

It would look something like this.

Are you kidding me? How is this not close to optimal for building size? Please explain.
Oh wait a minute, you believe that 3 rep sets don’t build as much muscle as the “hypertrophy rep range”.
Or is it the low volume per session? 3-5 Sets of 3 Reps done every day is going to stimulate a lot of muscle growth.
Or is it the ultra high frequency?
Please explain.

Holy shit.


You can cut the accessories out and still get all the growth you are going to get but most people would never run a program like this. They would never run a program that consists of multi joint movements only, because they believe that adding curls on top of all the pulling exercises you do will produce more bicep growth.
I would keep the face pulls and core work though.

how do you factor injury risk and joint health into this equation?


Deload when something starts hurting.
Use good form.
Don’t ego lift.
Take days off as needed (When something starts to hurt).
Novices don’t need to change anything. If you are not squatting 315 for reps, deadlifting 405 for reps, bench pressing 225 for reps you are a novice.

OK this is DEFINITELY not true. Unless I’m misunderstanding you.

First off, I don’t think you are aware of how many people out there ARE indeed performing multi-joint movements only in their training. It’s actually a common thing. I’ve spent years of my life doing exactly that. Literally hundreds of training sessions. I’ve had sessions that were nothing but but squats for an hour. I’ve also had hundreds of training sessions in which I’ve incorporated accessory movements like bicep curls. I can tell you that incorporating bicep curls on top of rows and chins has resulted in a MEASURABLE difference in arm size. I would not do biceps curls, ever, if they didn’t help.

this is so basic and naiive. I guess if you’re only applying this to a person who’s lifted less than a year or 2, it might hold true. Anything beyond that, you are wrong.

Mr. V3lv3t’s reply captures my reaction to the workout sample you wrote perfectly.

Thank you for telling me what I believe. Only problem is, that’s not what I believe. 3-rep sets, when properly programmed, can definitely build size. Your plan is not properly programmed.

3-5x3 is actually a great way to minimize muscle growth while building strength. The volume isn’t sufficient to stimulate growth. That’s even when training daily because load is going to have to be manipulated to allow recovery, which means some days will be low volume and low intensity.

Ultra-high frequency can build size (or strength) if properly programmed. Again, unsurprisingly, your plan was programmed for neither.

It looked like you were basically making it up as you went day to day with little if any consistency and no actual structure other than “a few sets of triples, or maybe singles and then “dropback sets” for triples; one exercise per bodypart but maybe two or three exercises for back sometimes; maybe including squats some days, then no; maybe include deadlifts somedays, then no; nevermind, I’ll restructure the reps… then take a full week off.”

Novice lifters don’t need curls. Chin Ups and Underhand Grip Rows will stimulate a lot of biceps growth. Lots of tension.

I’m a novice lifter, i don’t have to manipulate anything. I just go in the gym and progress.
5 Sets of 3 Reps is 15 total reps in a day, 105 total reps in a week. That’s a lot of volume for a muscle group. Also 3 rep sets done explosively will recruit all the available muscle fibers. Keep in mind a lot of exercises overlap so you are getting more than 105 total reps per week.
About the structure of my program. Lol yea you are right about that, i was skipping squats, rows and deadlifts. The program doesn’t include singles but my ego wanted to see how much weight i’m going to bench press lmao. I’m going to ditch the singles.
I took a week off because i’m sick bro. I hate being ill but it made me think about my program.


this inherently means you don’t have much experience…but you’re going to tell everyone else anything about everything?

I didn’t realize that people were entitled to ‘gainz’.

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Are loaded carries the experienced lifter’s version of a youngster’s multiple full body lifts general size plan?

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