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How Many Times Per Week Do You Inject Testosterone?

  • Once weekly
  • Twice weekly
  • M/W/F
  • Every other day
  • Everyday

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I wanted to start a thread to find out how often the majority of people inject testosterone and why, whether it’s because of excess aromatisation issues or maybe you metabolize testosterone more quickly. Please note if having high estrogen side effects on said protocol and whether or not you are on an AI.

No AI on these results, all Total T results was within plus or minus 75 ng/dL.

50mg Twice weekly E2 = 70 pg/mL Poor response to TRT
20mg EOD E2 = 43 pg/mL Strong response to TRT started here!
7mg daily E2 = 26 pg/mL An even better response, overstimulated my skin.

Do to strange skin issues I can’t do an everyday protocol, as of right now I’m injecting 21mg EOD, no AI, no HCG. This protocol will see Total T right at or above 500 ng/dL, Free T levels slightly over the range (21+) and estrogen hovering in the low 40’s. SHBG hovers around 18-22.

While my SHBG wasn’t low before TRT, almost midrange in fact, do to a poor response to TRT, I have come to the conclusion that I metabolize testosterone quickly and therefore started responding to TRT after I started an EOD protocol, only two weeks into it, I started noticing muscles were getting firmer and veins were starting to show in arms and legs.

I do have estrogen side effects on my EOD protocol (no estrogen sides on an ED protocol) and am attempting to lose weight to correct the aromatase issues, lowered libido, softer erections, mental fogginess and some fatigue. If I take a small sliver of aromasin, I feel amazing for about 3.5 days, clearer mind and creativity is amazing and then in recovering from low estrogen which only takes days.


300mg E2weeks E2= 49pg/ml
100mg once weekly E2= 28pg/ml
50mg twice a week E2=27pg/ml
30mg EOD E2=49pg/ml

Have yet to feel much from trt on any of these protocols. Wondering if my e2 needs to be much lower, like around 20 in order to respond.

100 1x a week
90-100 in 2 a week

Felt fine on both. I think I like 2x better.
E2 very close on both protocols. Sensitive near 30.
No ai
No hcg

Though I did try ai because I was led to believe I needed e2 on low 20s. That put me on a horrible roller coaster ride.

Hi @Systemlord my brother how you doing? was 100mg twice a week for a total of 200mg SUSTANON. I did’n’t like the estrogen high’s and lows now i am only 75mg Sustanon twice a weekly. However running 200mg of SUST i was over at maximum 1,100 ng/DL Highest End of range on U.S value blood test.

I don’t know why maybe my Liver & Kidneys hyper metabolize. I am running new Blood in 6 weeks from now 25th February to see how much 150mg a week of SUST will put me at.

I hope i will be still in 900’s when i was on 200mg SUST per week and had a blood result of 1,100 ng/dl or 38nmols i took it on 3rd day after Injection if that helps.

I do drink a lot of tea too sometimes, which helps me pee lots lots more. maybe i urinated most of it out too? but it was 1,100ng/dl lab result on 200mg test week MOST guys here would logically assume that 200mg test would give you gigantic boost like 2,000+ ng/DL it’s very unique the physiology of each Man. I weigh less than 200lb man, i am 162lb.

Here’s a poll I just created to get results at a glance


Low SHBG of 14 so I SubQ daily for a total of 120mg a week. Estradiol takes 3-6 months to get in Normal Range after a protocol change and I feel terrific. No AI or HCG. I’m an old bastard of 53.




Where’s the god damn EVERY DAY PIN, love? SMH… :slightly_frowning_face: LOL

Your happy am Happy. :smiley:

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I debate an ED protocol all the time.

50mg x2 a week. Feeling like a new man since about 8 weeks after starting. I’m 19 weeks in now and haven’t changed a thing TRT related. I’ll see if that holds true after my Defy Consult. No AI. No HCG. Have no idea where my E2 is at but I don’t have any high symptoms that I can tell. Will know what it is when I get my results back from last Wednesday’s blood draw though.

6 week bloods on this protocol showed a Total T of 496 with a Free T of 17.6 (range ?cant remember - 17.1 I think).

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200mg once per week
E2: 49-55 ECLIA 55-79 LC/MS/MS

I do once a week because it works well, feel good all the time. No AI, zero side effects.

20mg EOD = E2 Sensitive 34
10mg ED = E2 Sensitive 25

No AI or supplements for E2 control.

When I’m cruising on my trt dose:
65mg every 3 days
No AI=e2 low 30’s

Low dose Blasting with T only:
150mg every 3 days
.25 AI with each shot, e2=26
No hcg

Low dose blast with T
150mg every 3 days
150mg mast e every 3 days
No AI e2= upper 20’s
No hcg

Almost 3 months ago I switched from 50mg E3.5D/100mg week total to 12mg a day for 84mg a week total. My trough T levels on my last labs on the 2x 50mg a week were trough of 852 Total T, free of 28.3, E2 of 30, and SHBG of 34…this also included .125 Anastrozole with my T injections. My last labs on the 12mg daily were T of 922, Free T of 31.3, E2 of 35, and SHBG of 33…dropped the Anastrozole. So for me the lower dose and daily application allowed me to maintain similar T, Free T, E2, and SHBG while eliminating the Anastrozole. I am very sensitive to low or high E2.

I really don’t feel much different and felt great on both protocols, I just switched to try and eliminate AI and try to decrease phlebotomists. Succeeded on the AI…HGB, HCT, RBC still behave similarly on the daily protocol. So for me it worked to a satisfactory degree.