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How Many Times Do You Rep 225?


Any athletes out there training for combines that test 225, share you're amount of reps!


I can rep it five times.


I got 9 reps after hitting a PR of 295x1



LMFAO. I have never seen someone get this version backwards. I rarely see you're when it is meant, but I have never seen anyone use it when they meant your.

And while we're at it, it's fucking lose not loosing. How the fuck do you "loose" weight?

Oh, and I rep 225 15 times as a warmup on bench day.


My best was 13. BWT 165 and 52yrs old.


32 so far. Goes up every time.




7 but that was over a month ago


30 reps i weigh 210 at the moment but when i do them there fast and not locked of course


15-20 depending on the day


17 a while ago. I hate repping out on bench.


He is working 250x25 for the final set in this clip.
355x4- 390x2- 405x2+1- 250x25

Brad went 275x20 the week before.


225x8 is my best. BW 215


I think I could get like 13-15, if I did it fresh, I usually rep it out and get 11 after I finish my last heavy set.


21 reps @ 215 very recently. Was a requirement for the last week of Joe Defranco's Badass program (which I highly recommend). I would really like to get this in the higher 20s though.


Would anyone like to ask me if I care?

bc i dont. :slightly_smiling:

If I majored in English I would give a rats ass, but currently I do not and I don't.

26 reps here. trying to hit 30 soon.


30 back in 2008. I think Im stronger now in my 1RM though despite being 25lbs lighter. I might have to re-test myself for giggles


Anyone else look like this while they bench, his ass never stays on the bench. Not hating cause i sure as hell would love to hit them numbers for reps, just saying......


Thats why leg drive is so important.