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How Many Times Can I Stick a Multidose Vial?

having a really hard time with trt I feel worse than before treatment and my t levels were LOW LOW

anyways I found a new doctor/treatment program and that still hasnt fixed the problem…I was doing 1x dose a week and now I been doing 2x and it seems like things got a TINY bit better…hit or miss on some days.

thinking about trying to lower my dose and doing everyday injections my only concern is my 10ml vial of cyp how many times can I puncture the rubber thingy before It starts leaking out and gets messed up? would it withstand 70 punctures?

With every day dosing, you’ll be using a small needle, so you’ll be fine. I have heard of, but never actually seen, a small piece of the rubber getting into the solution. However, that was with 18g and 20g needles, not the smaller gauge needles.

i got 23g needles?

I would be more concerned about using a syringe with a dead space because you will run out of medicine before your refill. If you are going to dose frequently you should use insulin syringes that don’t have the dead space.

Your 23G needles will likely have a dead space and over time you will waste medicine, you need to buy some 27-29G Easy Touch syringes online.

I cant find anything like that, that would be able to do IM injections? only half inch needles or less

When I was injecting twice a week, I was getting a 10ml vial. I ran into an issue of having little pieces of the rubber breaking off into the oil. I simply asked to switch to 1ml vials. Issue resolved.

If you are using everyday dosing, you will not need, or want, to use 23g needles.
As systemlord suggested above, get 27s and get syringes with a plunger like this to reduce, or eliminate, waste.

I take it this was a recurring issue? What was the source of those vials?

half inch is fine.

i do IM injections with insulin syringes all the time.

GPZMedlab is where i get mine.

It happened with 2 different vials, which I received via prescription from CVS. The rubber isn’t meant to be poked 20 times with a needle, apparently.

I used a 1/2 29G IM in the quad, it’s considered shallow IM.

I’ve poked countless holes in my vials using tiny needles without ever having any problems, however I think you will run into problems if using the mini harpoons.

Agree with the prior replies. Get smaller needles. There are some good recent studies that show that there is no absorption difference between IM and SC. It basically comes down to preference.

However, having said that, you can do IM injections with a 1/2 inch needle, or at least I can. I did my first 2 years with 25G 5/16 inch insulin syringes and the last ~6 years with 28G 1/2 inch needles. I inject in the upper/outer quadriceps muscle. It works very well for me and I’m neither exceptionally lean or fat. See diagram below for where I inject.


EasyTouch® U-100-29G, 1cc/mL, 1/2" (Box of 100) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P11F21N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_VYlqEbC5KP4ME

IM in the delts is painless and easy as hell especially for daily injections with tiny needles. I’ve done this for a while now and will never go back. You can’t really fuck up.