How Many Times a Day Do You Eat?

im just curious how many meals others eat. on days that i work and do not work out i stick to three meals for simplicities sake. on work out days its 4 meals plus PWO dinks.

A pre-workout meal, my workout nutrition, and a post workout meal (feast maybe, due to it’s size).

Works swell for me.


4… big breakfast, Finibar/peri-workout drank, big pwo dinner, and then protein shake+nut butter before sleep.

pre w/o meal ,pwo meal + 1 or 2 more depending on time/schedule etc

2 shakes between waking and workout (MAG-10 for first shake followed by MD+Oil+Oats+Milk shake), then peri-workout shake (AP2), then 2 large meals postworkout, then a shake before bed.

Usually 5 solid meals and my PWO shake. Sometimes another shake during the day.

4 solid meals a day, no shakes except some EAAs during my workout if I want.

4 calorie dense meals with 4- 4.5 litres of milk throughout the day

4 on weekdays

Twice on Saturday and Sunday, but more at each meal.

1-Breakfast(Shake) 2-lunch 3-preworkout(shake) 4-postworkout(shake) 5-dinner


3 meals, 2 shakes and 1 or 2 snacks. 4,000 calories, 320 grams of protein.

2 large meals, 1 a few hours before i work out then another for my post workout meal.

I eat whenever I’m hungry, which usually works out to every 3-3.5 hours. I eat as much as I want at each meal and if I’m hungry earlier than the next 3 hour mark, I add more to the previous meal the next time I make it. It’s an ideal system for me.


PWO shake
1st dinner
2nd dinner
Nightime shake/protein.

6 counting shakes, 4 without.

5 or 6. Usually: Breakfast, workout nutrition, “lunch”, dinner, pre-bed casein. Sometimes another light meal in between lunch and dinner.

Pre-workout (breakfast)
Post-workout (2nd breakfast :slight_smile: )

lunch–4 hours later or so.

then, from about 3:30-6:30, I’ll eat…a boatload.

2-7 Depends on my mood I guess. Sometimes I want a feast when I get out of bed on the weekend, sometimes I just wanna graze every time I pass through the kitchen. I’ve been known to make about a lb or so of meat, and slowly pick at it over a weekend day. At the end of the day, it’s about the same calories.