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how many time can i cycle mag10

how many time can i cycle mag10?
2 week mag10 2 week trebex500 / M then… ?
when can i do the second cycle

If taking Tribex and M between each two week MAG-10 cycle, I think Bill Roberts said you can do this three times, but then you’d need a longer break just in case. If not using Tribex and M, take 4 weeks off between cycles.

I’m in the middle of an 8 week MAG-10 and Myostat cycle. It consists of 2 weeks on of 1.5 doses/day of MAG-10, 1 week off while using Tribex+Vitex repeated 3 times. Myostat is used throughout. After it’s over, I’m taking 10-12 weeks off. I’m in the middle of week 5 (2nd cycle) and I’m up 18 lbs. I hope to make a 25 lb. net gain from this plan.