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How Many T-Nation Converts...

can you boast of?

After about 12 months of not really getting a chance to talk to anyone at my gym about the great site that T-Nation is, I’ve had a large number of opportunities in the last 3-4 weeks where at least 5 fellow gym members have looked up the site based on my recommendations. Now I don’t think this is too bad considering it is not a very big gym and the clientele who turn up are pretty consistent.

I’m curious as to how many people you guys get to talk to about T-Nation. Have you had much luck in “converting” them so that after a few months they could fit the “50 signs you’re a T-man” description that was posted recently?

Who is the No. 1 “T-evangelist” out there?

So do some dont…the strangest ones are the ones like my friend Scott, he learned all he knows from people in the gyms…so he has no real backround for why…just that “everyone says you should…”

He thought the site was OK I dont know how the fuck someone could think the site is OK!!!

What the fuck is it the layout you dont like? Its the info that counts and its top notch here. if you dont realize that on your own then forget it.

He just tell me stuff know and I tell him why its wrong.

I thought for sure we had ONE in my gym. I spoke with him yesterday. He certainly sounds like one…I told him about this site so we’ll see. He looks amazing and at least 10 years younger than he actually is. Big, Ripped and Lean. Intense to watch lift.

Maybe 1 or 2. I’ve recommended probably a dozen people read this site. It seems that they just weren’t T-people, since from what I know, they no longer lift.

I have one in my brother, and another guy at the gym who I have just explained ass to grass squats to. I almost think you have to expose them slowly so their heads don’t explode.