How Many Stimulating/Effective Reps Per Muscle?

Hey Paul,

Really loving the effective reps model. From your discussion with Greg:
“To me it gives guys at least a target to be hitting in their training that will be tied to growth.”

I’ve read around your posts, but I can’t find if there was an actual concrete number for how many reps that would be.

If we’re just doing a Push pull leg 3x a week, what would an ideal number of effective reps be for each muscle? Just running the numbers - if I do 2 sets to failure for one exercise, that’s around 9-10 effective reps.

In your experience with your clients and yourself - would you say around 20 effective reps for larger muscles, and 15 for smaller? On a 1x week frequency for each muscle, that is. Any more info would be appreciated, this is gold!

Paul kinda hit on this in this thread.

My takeaway is that 25 effective reps per body part per week is a good starting point.