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How Many Steak Dinners?


Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game yesterday. Check out the catch Center Fielder, Dewayne Wise, makes in the ninth inning to save it. Look at the amount of ground he covers, just outstanding. And, he was a defensive substitution in the ninth! Maybe the coach should get a few steak dinners, too. I love this kind of stuff.


Oh yeah...It's gonna cost him alright.That dude must have run thirty yards to get to it.Pretty smart sub by Ozzy. Kevin Mitchell's bare handed grab is stil my favorite.


I always thought Kevin Mitchell was show boating on that. He could have easily reached over with his glove hand.

I never saw it, but it's alleged that Reggie jackson once reached out and caught a pitch with his hand while batting.

 I wouldn't put it past Jaskson one bit.That dude was awesome but what a fuckin' head case.You look up Alpha Male and I bet there's a reference to him lol.My eighty three year old baseball nut Mom worships the guy.Do not,repeat do not bash Big Regg when she's around.It's gonna get ugly.

I always thought Mitchell took a shitty angle but you could be right.


Buehrle bought watches for all the starters last time he threw a no-hitter. What does Wise get? It has to be more than some $5k watch. A car? That might be going overboard, but I'm trying to think of a nicer gift for a dude than a watch.


I guess Major League Baseball lacks the camaraderie they once had. Not too long ago it would have been a steak dinner. They would have all gone out and celebrated, together. Now it's "here's a watch, now get out of my face". So impersonal.


He did it, I saw it.