How Many Sled Pushes?

I just read the article on “if you had to do one exercise, what would it be?” He said the best one exercise would probably be pushing a sled. Let’s say I wanted to do that, can anyone help me out on how many reps or how far I should push the sled? Thanks.

I actually did sleds last week, but it was after doing barbell pulls, and front squats. Loaded the sled with a couple of plates, and would sprint all out for 15m, rest a couple of seconds, sprint another 15m, and call that 1 set. Did about 3-4 sets and was totally toasted after everything else.


Alright, thanks Stu. One question, where did you do them at? Outside? or what?

LOL I can imagine me pushing a sled though New York Sports Club.

Yes, I would recommend doing them outside. In the grass or on the pavement.

get some cleats most highschool football fields have sleds go there and push em.

Indoor performance center, on astroturf actually. I’m no expert at this of course, they’re still fairly new to me, but my brother is a CSCS and does a lot of powerlifting and plyometrics, so I’m trying to incorporate a little more variety in my own training.