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How Many SHW's?


So I was just curios. How many big guys we got on this forum? What are your current lifts? Height. weight, age? Do you lift Raw, single, or multi. And what fed? Id appreciate any feedback! :slightly_smiling:

Age: 20
Height: 6,3
weight: 360
Gym lifts
Squat: 625
bench: 465
Dead: N/A pulled 630 two weeks ago.

meet lifts: ( back in march)
squat 575
Bench 450
Dead 600.
I lift Raw.
Next meet is USAPL In granite city IL Nov 5th


Great total.

What does 6'3 360lbs look like.

I'm 6'9 280lbs. Think I need to gain some weight.


Holy fuck. You are tall. And I have pics in my hub.


From your pics I wouldnt have guessed 360lbs/162kg. Which is huge. I guess it's one of those things where you can't tell how big someone is from photos, only in person. I have the same problem (not that Im big but bigger than normal people).

What do your total kcals look like, and total protein intake, to maintain that size?

I'm on 5000-6000cals, 400g protein. Currently trying to go up in weight.


Just bought some property in Rhodestown. Been training at 290+ for the last month or so. Thats up from 229 at this same time last year. I am only competing raw and MULTI from now on and I don't have any numbers at this weight because the only time I squat, bench, and deadlift is at meets. Shooting for an 1850+ raw total december 10th at USAPL MD States.


6'7" and just hit 325. lookin to go up to about 340. 550, 365, 645 are pr's although only the pull was done recently. those are raw numbers. once I get strong enough i'll try multi-ply.


Yeah people usually don't bealieve me when I tell them my weight. Usually when you think of 360 it's obese. Ever seen chad aichs? 6,2 and like 386.I honestly don't count protien or calories. I just eat every two hours. Lots of meat, rice. I eat kinda shitty, so I've been trying to clean it up a bit. Sticking to the old " if you can't grow it or kill it, don't eat it" rule. Oh and I top of every meal with a protien shake. Muscle pharms combat.


Wow that's quite a gain in weight sir. And a impressive raw total. How old were you when you started training?


And here I was thinking 6,3 was tall. Haha. What fed do you compete in?


13 for football and lax. 22 for powerliftig. I'm 26 now.


dude that's some seriously impressive weight gain, I thought I did well jumping from 218 to 242. Would love to hover around 280 for a full meet cycle cos apparently those in know reckon a 242'r at 5'10 is too light. Your lifts must have went through the roof with the weight again alone!


End up playing lax anywhere?


You're 26?!


Age: 20
Height: 6,4
weight: 315
Gym lifts
Squat: 440
bench: 425 (545 sp)
Dead: 520

meet lifts:
squat 420
Bench 512 sp
Dead 520


I miss football. Might play it again for college or arena.


Another 20 year old. Nice. When did you start?


I was 280 before I dropped to 229 (in 15 weeks). It took me a couple months to get the weight back on but then it came back with a vengence!!!!! Being skinny was awful.



Haha spoken like a true big man. Speaking of big dudes. Nick weite was at the meet yesterday. Dudes a monster.


Just saw this, sorry!
I started powerlifting in november '09, so it's been almost exactly 2 years.