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How Many Shakes a Day?

Hi guys,

Just wondering, I just bought da cheapest protein powder I could find because Im making good gains from just food, I bought PHD Pharma-Whey, just wondering, im on around 4500calories daily, was wondering if cutting 2 meals out and instead, inserting 2 shakes of this whey protein in will be ok? Because sometimes at night I have no food to cook up, so my question is calories which makes you grow or protein?



If you’re making good gains, and truly getting 4500 cal/day from whole foods why would you want to change that? I wouldn’t say cutting two whole food meals a day and replacing them with shakes (especially made with “da cheapest protein powder [you] could find”) would be a good idea.

If you can’t cook at night and protein shakes is the only way to get calories then by all means go for it…but I strongly suggest you buy quality protein from now on. I like Biotest’s Grow! Whey and Optimum Nutrition brands. I would add some PB and maybe some cottage cheese to the nighttime shakes…or you could just skip the shake at night and just eat cottage cheese.

Solid food and protein is ALWAYS better than shakes except pre and post workout.

I do a whey/oatmeal shake in the morning with breakfast, and one before I workout.

Post workout is whey + 50/50 malto/dextrose.

Drinking oatmeal sucks, but its a great way to get some complex carbs.

Sorry about the original post, I meant “the cheapest”. My shake contains 200 calories per serving, and I drink aroung 3 shakes a day, its not really bad quality, it contains added Glutamine and BCAA’s so I guess its good, I was just wondering if it could replace a meal at night as by the end of the day, the fridge is usually empty lol.