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How Many Sets

How many sets is enough to build muscle ?
Atm im doing 3x8 with only 1 exercise per muscle group so each muscle group gets 3 sets is this enough ?

Again, just like in the ‘once a week’ thread, the number depends on you.

With the questions you’re asking, you seem like you’re trying to avoid large amounts of hard work. You’ll only get the results you’re looking for if you put in the time and effort. I believe in the 5 hour per week rule: To make a significant change in your body composition, you need to bust your ass in the gym for at least five hours per week

Quit ‘just trying to get by’, and get your mind made up: This will be a struggle. Are you going to win, lose, or just give up?

read the bodybuilding bible in the bodybuilding forum.

here, i will make it easy on you

well that article doesnt really explain how many sets per muscle group lol

[quote]Bodybuilding Bible wrote:
Sets and reps: Warm up and ramp up to 1 to 2 all-out blast sets of 6 to 15 reps - depending on what you grow best from.

So, you want to build muscle yet you only do one exercise per muscle group? Are you doing a split or total body workouts? If your doing a split the answer is no…you will not put on a lot of muscle with just one exercise. At least not the amount that typical new guys want. You have to give your body a reason to get bigger.

Someone correct me, but a good starting point that I have always started out with is that 5x5 to failure is for strength and 3x10 or 5x10 to failure is good for building size. I mean, that is probably very watered down logic, but that is what I have suggested at least to my friends as a starting point and then from there it is just personal adjustments.

Yeah, it doesnt really matter though. If you read OP’s other posts you will realize hes just wanting some magic workout. Some magic diet to get ripped. He has gotten plenty of help already he needs to go lift for 6 months then ask questions.

can you stop calling him lazy, if he needs more information then what are you going to do? i had alot of questions when i first started, and inquisitive minds usualy are not satisfieds with simple answers and abstractions.
i usualy do five sets of two exercises, ten sets total. pyramiding the weight up then dropping it a bit on the last set. for training my back ive done fifteen sets.

Thank You eremesu what you said is true im just a beginner looking for answers ive searched around but i didnt find a specific answer to this,you say you do 10 sets total is that for all muscle groups ?

And im only doing 3 sets per muscle group so i must not be doing enough lol.

3 sets per week is definitely too low. I would say at least 8 work sets to see some sort of progress, with 10-12 being optimal for a beginner.

I have gone as high as 30 sets per week (8x3,3x5,3x8,1x20 twice a week) with good results when working on a lagging lift.