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How Many Sets per Workout On Cycle?


im just wondering what you would consider a good range of sets per workout while on cycle...I'm around 15-20 and I was wondering if thats too little or too much...I know everyone is different but give me a generalization


I (and everyone I've trained with)shoots for 12-15 sets. Im sure you're doing fine as high as 20, assuming you eat good for recovery and have a resonable body split.


Anything below 1000 is a waste of time dude. srsly.


A 20-30% increase from your normal routine wouldnt be unreasonable.


This makes sense to me, instead of speaking about absolute values for the number of sets you should do.


Would you say that autoregulation, IBB style, will take care of this question? my guess is that the cycle will raise the threshold, so there's no need to find an external rule, and this way you can detect your own?