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How Many Sets for Farmers Walk?

How many sets do you do with farmers carries? I do trap bar carries for 1 min and i ramp up to it doing about 5 sets with increasing weight as a warm up, but usually only do 1 set with 225. Should i do more sets? I’ve heard farmers are quite taxing for the CNS.

What do you guys think? Also, how many times per week can you do it?

This depends on your goals and what else you are doing. For example, I have done Dan John programs where you do them every workout (5x a week) for just one long set. “Vary the distance and load each time”.

I have done them in sets of 3-4, but limited it to 1-2x per week because the program was already pretty full. Personally, I don’t find them taxing for the CNS because it’s more of a sustained effort than a max lift.

Last point - I typically do them as the last exercise in a workout so there’s no need to “warm up” with gradual increases.

this is what I also do.

I feel like it helps with my posture.