How Many Servings of Veggies DoYou Need?

Wherever you read about healthy eating, you will see an emphasis on lots of vegetables (and to a lesser extent fruits), the more the better. A trend i see alot is a suggested serving amount of up to 10 or more a day. Personally I have found that tricky to do without some heavy stomach upset and gas.
I was reading a similar experience by dani shugart. I was also reading up on superfood, which has an equivalent of 10 or more servings, and which costs little over a dollar a day for a serving, less if you do half servings.
I have cut back on my fruit/vegetable intake by about half and have supplemented with superfood in my shakes and have noticed a big decrease in stomach upset

I personally eat a serving of fruits and/or vegetables at every single meal. It works for me, and I only eat what I like.

I think the most important thing is more about the type of food you eat and the quality of it that is going to affect your health rather than what is missing in your diet (think like processed foods, hydrogenated oils, fast food, restaurant trash, etcetera). If your diet is reasonably balanced, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I think I ate maybe 1 vegetable a month, if that, in my entire childhood because I hated them… and my body developed quite well despite the absence of vegetables.

I have stopped reading what people say is adequate, or inadequate, when it comes to diet (or anything else for that matter). What is “recommended” today will change tomorrow. If you look back in the last 60 years and you will see an unnecessary rocky history about what is recommended for everything from water intake, fats, sugars, supplements, protein, fruits/vegetables, etcetera. I think experimenting and finding what works for you is the way to go.

The low testosterone epidemic, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on… isn’t from lack of vegetables, but people eating shitty quality food and having shitty quality lifestyles.


Answer: All of the servings.

Vegetables is a very broad term. If some don’t work for you, than perhaps try other types? I’m all about the balance to. Having too many veges can have negative effects. Just try to eat a variety of different coloured vegetables that you like most days and you should be ok.

You also say ‘superfood’ as if it’s a single food. Again, this is just a broad term that modern media and marketers have put on foods such a Quinoa, kale, Spinach and other nutritious foods to justify the price.