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How Many Scoops In V-Diet Shake?


I can’t figure it out even though I read the v-diet article

is it two scoops in 5 shakes?

roughly 40 grams protein each?

goes by how much you weigh. At around 200lbs you need 200 grams of protien. So 10 scoops spread through the day. That doesn’t mean you can only have 5 shakes, you can have 10, one scoops shakes if you want.

Before attempting a diet like the Velocity, you should really re-read all the information (not trying to sound like a dick… excuse me if i do) but a question as simple as how many scoops per shake is trivial as to the steps involved in doing the diet correctly.

i would suggest you look at the support groups such as:


for information.

The original article is actually fairly vauge on its recommendations of protein scoops. I guess you could argue that if you cant figure it out you shouldnt be doing the diet.

In any event, if you are under 200 pounds and doing the diet (it better be to get SHREDDED, and not just lose some weight) then 2 scoops in 5 shakes is good.

Probably add or take away a scoop(singular, not in every shake) for every 10 pounds in either direction.

Its simple maths, 1 gram protein per pound of body weight. 200 grams for 200lbs, divide that by 5 meals = 40 grams a meal. There is 20grams of protein in once serve of Metabolic Drive, so thus you need to 2 serves if your to have 5 meals a day. It’s not rocket science and is clearly highlighted in the original article.