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How Many Reps Would You Grind for Strength?


On a weekly basis for oly style frequency? If your goal was solely numbers. Not size.


assuming by oly you mean olympic, the answer should be zero. CT was an olympic lifter and trained multiple times per day. The HP mass program is partial formed from experience with olympic weight lifting if I recall correctly.

If you lift at .8(3rm of lower body exercises) and .875(3rm upper body exercises) you can perform lifts back to back days, and I think you can actually do them 3 days in a row but ct said most people can't handle the 4th day in a row. You never want to grind a rep if frequency is what you are after.


Yeah i mean olympic. Its pretty hard not to grind a scatter rep IME. I do realize you want to avoid it has much has possible.

Just wondering if there's any general guidelines for grinding reps using HFT.


I don't know what a scatter rep is. But really, if you grind a rep, you stop. That's the only guideline. You stop immediately after the first grinded rep, and either stop the session, stop the exercise and move on, or drop a significant amount of weight and rocket a rep/set up and then move on.

High frequency training works only as long as the nervous system remains fresh.


Thanks, i'm referring to max effort singles. When do you stop? Like, lots of times i'm pretty confident i can get more weight at times but it will be a grinder lol


FYI: Its Newfoundlander Slang.


In ordinary English, to scatter is to distribute randomly.


For an olympic lift it would be impossible to grind a rep due to the nature of the lift. If you were referring to other strength lifts, you really cannot grind any if you want to keep the frequency up. Of course you can get more weight, but the whole idea behind HFT or HP mass or whatever is the perfect rep introduced in the I,Bodybuilder program. The perfect rep is one that can be constantly accelerated. You will get the strength benefits of sub maximal weights if you lift it as quickly as possible. So you stop at the max load point, the heaviest weight you can lift without stopping or grinding. In my opinion, to be on the safe side, I would stop at the max force point, the heaviest weight you can accelerate. I think with the max load point you run the risk of grinding, but one or two grinding reps never killed totally destroyed anyone's progress. It is the repetitious grinding that is a killer.


actually you should stop at max force point, max load point IS the grinder... cause the load is maximum... and no weight that you actually lift stops... it just slows down so much that it seems it stopped... if it stops at sticking point, and the load is maximum, i think you wont be able to lift it...

well, i dont worry too much even if I run onto a grinder for a rep or two, but I dont chase weight past that... I just try to get more volume around the max force point for the day...


Yeah, that's pretty well my feelings too gavra. I don't push it to far but I grind a few reps per week on my heavy sessions.

Rather a "scatter rep". :slightly_smiling: