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How Many Reps on Cleans?

Hey, I just started the madcow intermediate program. I swapped cleans for rows, but I feel the prescribed rep sets are too much for cleans, and take it out of me. I want to know if I should lower the reps for cleans, my main goal is strength. I was thinking lowering the reps to 3 for when it says 5, and down to a single when it says do 3, and 5 reps when it says to do 8. Could I get some feedback from an o-lifter, or someone who knows this type of stuff?

Hey. I’m doing a bastardized 5/3/1. I incorporated cleans into the program on a separate day. I’m seeing consistent gains every month so far. This is how I do it. Any input from others is cool.

I take 5-10 seconds between each rep and 3-4 minutes between each set. The percentages are off a perceived 1RM for the month, then I add 5 pounds each month. I haven’t had a stall yet, but when I do I will deload and back off the 1RM by 10 pounds and then work up from there.

Week 1 - 2/2/2+

Week 2 - 3/3/3

Week 3 - 3/2/1+

Week 4

  • Deload

That looks like a way better program for cleans, Someone told me cleans would be good in madcow. I think I’ll also do cleans on a seperate day, Thanks, how do I bump you on this site bro? I’m new here

If you feel it is taking too much out of you and it increases your risk for injury by all means lower the reps. Obviously you don’t have to stick to the program to the letter. And since it doesn’t seem to me you’re a weightlifter, whether your form is perfect or not does not matter that much (as long as it doesn’t hurt you).

I think what you’re saying is very sensible. What also might help is doing a set of say 3, but only doing one clean from the floor and the others from the hang.

Most I’ve done is 5 and it really sucks (my technique is solid, on most days), I definitely cannot be perfectly explosive on all the reps. 3 is the max for me, but I’m sure you could get used to doing 5.

I don’t want to prescribe anything as I do not know your background, but 3 seems sensible given decent technique. I also think your idea of resting briefly between reps is good.

To maintain reps just do 5 sets of 3 rather than 3 sets of 5, or whatever it calls for. Break it up into more sets.

I’m not sure. I’m usually just a forum and article lurker haha.

But I do like the idea for the 1 Clean then 2 hang clean. I might have to run that for a month or two at some point.

Ok, I’ll adjust to 3 reps, thanks for the feedback guys, I would bump you or rep, if this site does that (let me know how). Ya I’ve been doing the light sets from a hang, and my heavy set from the floor to save energy. I’m by no means a weightlifter, I learned the clean in high school my form is nothing close to perfect, but it definately won’t get me hurt. I also like that idea of resting between reps, to reset. Thanks again

you can do cleans on a separate day…I almost do them 4-5 days aweek. If you get in shape for them and not max out and hurt yourself, they are super great to do. I keep reps of 2-5… 5for lighter and form, down to 2 or 3 for heavier. I never try to kill myself. About 6 total sets including warmups. I do them almost every workout to warm up and get my body moving. They dont seem to take away from any of my main lifts.
I would keep my back workouts the way they are and not substitute cleans,…just add them on another day or even same day. Form is very important.

if training for strength and power then stick to 1-5 reps, 80%+ of 1RM; 1-2 at 90-100%+ for power and 3-5 at 80-90% for strength (very roughly speaking). rest for between 2-5 minutes between sets to allow your CP/anaerobic energy systems to fully recover. it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve as to rep selection and rest intervals etc, the reps should be performed as quickly as possible once you have reset position etc - this all from an olympic lifting perspective. you should look to do at least several sets at a good working weight.