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How Many Reps in Particular Exercises?


how many reps in particular exercises: ?

what do you think? my priority is maximal hypertrophy&strength. 2-1-2 rep timing

A (legs, arms)

squat 4sets
bulgarian squat 3sets
rdl 3sets
calve raise 3sets
db curls 3sets + cg bench press 3sets (supersets)

B (chest, back, shoulders)

low-incline bb press 3sets + pull-ups 3 sets (supersets)
chest dips 3sets + bb rows 3sets (supersets)
military press 3sets
db bent-over lateral raise 2sets

3 days a week, A, B, A, B, A etc.


My shoulders would be fucked on that routine...but then ii have dodgy shoulders...


Dude, if you can't figure this shit out on your own by reading and experimenting, you need to just follow a pre-written cookie cutter program and be done with it.


working out 3 days a week, using supersets for your primary exercises, no balance to your exercise selection....

I'll second Beansy's suggestion to adopt a basic cookie-cutter program.