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How Many Reps Do You Perform?


A quick survey:

In your average workout, how many reps do you perform? And how long does it take you?


I usually do a 16x6 squat program, then a 8x5 deadlift thing, and like 5x200 pushups.

It usually takes me about an hour and a half, but add half an hour if you count me throwing up.



I go as low as 1 and as high as 40 in my current routine (obviously for different exercises), I wouldn't be surprised to go higher in reps. A couple times a week I do as many reps at a given weight I can handle (abs and push-ups).

Workouts take 45-60 minutes, a little longer if the gym is crowded.


All ranges, usually I use a periodization that starts near 10's and gets down to singles and triples over a series of weeks.

My workouts take about 2 hours with all the accessory work I do.

I'm using a Westside template and workout with a team, when I'm alone I get done in a little over an hour but it's not as much fun.


Warm up with 10x lightweight then 5x5 progressively heavier until I can't do more then 3 reps per set. And 3x10 for isolation.


6-15 reps. I\'m doing the Superhero program. It kicks ass.

I do about 6 reps to 50 reps for calves though.

I can do 20 pull ups. Shooting for 3 to 5 one arm pull ups by the end of this year. I can\'t even do one right now.


My barbell workouts are 4x a week run 50-80 reps in 60-90 minutes. Rarely go above 7 reps in any set. Most sets are triples.

My extra workouts run 30-100 reps in 10-15 mins, 3-5x times a week. Reps are 8-50.


It is not set in stone, but Catherine and I usually do 5x5 or 3x8 for compound and 3x10-12 for isolation. There are times we just do what feels right for that day.

This year we did 5x5 for pretty much all of Jan and Feb, and switched over to 3x8 for March. We are planning on doing 5x5 for April and 8-10x3 for May.

Of course, as mentioned above, this is not set in stone and we are flexible with it.



I think that intensity level is much more important than the number of reps you perform.

In my experiences there is no reason I should be performing 20 reps, 10 sets etc. By it's very nature working hard and lifting heavy should mean lower reps, lower number of sets needed.

That's a great goal. To me, nothing looks cooler than watching someone do endless pullups. It's a rare site in most gyms. One arm pullups are even rarer.


Unless looking for a max I'm generally between 3-12 reps.

Anything I haven't done recently gets added back in with reps at the higher end.


8*3 for heavy with the odd 25*2

I break my workouts into 4,6,or 8 weeks "blocks" where Id different reps .

Usally just a little over an hour plus steam room time and shower.

At the moment I'm working legs with 6*10 for about 65% (1RM) and chest/back 9*2 with 90+%

I'v also been hitting the small groups (Arms/delts/Calf) with small reps but usally 80+% 1RM

But thats just what I have been responding well to recently .


usually I do 15/12/10/15 for each exercise...If I'm going heavy it's 15/12/10/8/6/1/1/1...etc...It takes me an hour.


Just started EDT this week, so I try to stick to a 10RM (maybe 8RM) and do about 5 reps per set, dropping all the way down to doubles so far. Takes me about 15-30 minutes depending on what day it is and if I do one or two PR zones.

Before this, I was doing 14, 15, 16, and 17 sets of 1 rep at roughly 90-95% 1RM (Singles club) for bench, row, deadlift, and front squat.


182 reps give or take a few. That includes a 3x20 on lateral raises though. It takes me about 40 minutes and I work out at home so no waits for weights.

Why is no one else actually answering the question?


You know I wondered that myself....

But still many good replies.


Well, currently, the first workout of the week is ME lower body, so I work up to a set of 5 in the squat or deadlift, so give that anywhere from 25-35 reps, then 5x5 in either BP/bent-over rows or chins/MP, so that's another 50 reps, then finish with 3 x 8 calves, so that's a total of 99-109 reps.

The other two workouts is 3 x 8 in lower body, plus 3 x 8 in calves, plus the same 5 x 5, so that's 98 reps.

So about 100 reps per workout, give or take a few, and it takes me 45 minutes on a fast day, 60 minutes if gym is crowded or I'm taking my time.


4-12 reps, 3-6sets - about 40min or so.

Edit: about 18-50 reps per muscle group 6x/week.


In your average workout, how many reps do you perform? And how long does it take you?

The reps I perform is almost totally dependent on the goals. I usually follow someonthing off of this site (a set program) where it is usually picked for me. So I'll just do what it states. Or I'll do a routine, but modify it to my liking, but still very goal specific. My goals change throughout the year, and I believe in a variety of rep ranges. I probably spend "most" of my time training in the 5-10 zone, but have many periods of heavy lifting where I'll rarely go over 5 reps. Also occasional programs where high reps are used (like right now with CT's superhero program a lot of days have one exercise performed 100 times).

Duration of exercise: In a normal lifting session I will rarely if ever go over 1 hour and 15 minutes, and most of my sessions are right around 45-60 minutes. I almost always try to do any "cardio" type of exercise in a seperate session and my times include warmup. I like to get in and get out and think people can be much more efficient in the gym if they time their rest periods.


Oh, I see...

~70 reps
~1 hr
4-5 days a week


30 reps, 1 hour, 2 minutes rest between reps for snatch, back squat, snatch squat. 20 reps, 1 hour, 3 minutes rest for front squats.