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How Many Pull-ups Can You Do?


I have been noticing in my gym which is pretty large that most people in here cant do more than just a few pull ups if any. There aren't many hardcore bodybuilder types in there yet, and its a gold gym that just opened so its not planet fitness or anything.

I was in there yesterday and I did a set of 28 wide grip pull ups from hang to chin over the bar and then did a set with a 35 strapped to me for 12. I am not the strongest guy in the world and I just wanted to see how many the average user in this forum could do.


I did 30 a way's back and then stopped caring about how many I could do entirely.


We talking kipping, bicycling or real dead hang pull ups?

On average I can do about 12-14 dead hang pull ups. Kipping I can do 25 or so. Normally do a few sets startin with dead hangs and then moving to kipping pullups.


If you kip, it's not a pull up.

It's a kip-up, and doesn't count.


A lot more since my thyroid went crazy!


I can do about 10-12 dead hang if I really will myself to it. I prefer chins, however - I can usually do about 12-15 continuously using a shoulder width grip on an angled bar (kind of like a hammer strength pulldown).

My best set of weighted chins is BW + 55 (260) for 5.


I've also done reps with 90lbs hanging from me


8-12 with 90lbs by the balls but why does it matter? Most of the people on here can do them right?


Is this going to turn into another challenge thread?


10-12 reps at Body weight
7 at BW plus 45
4 at BW plus 90
I weight 280 lbs


Ive done 21 dead hang, chin over the bar.

best weighted set is 6 with 40 kg(88lbs)


It should! Haha

Hang to chin over the bar with no kipping/kicking/butterflying/flopping around like a dying fish, for 28 reps? Hmmmmmm


never really pushed to be able to do more, once i hit 12+ from a dead hang i started adding weight. 45 plate for 6-8, haven't tried more yet because i want to be able to get at least 5.

truth is if i use pull ups in my back routine they get easier and easier, if i take them out for a while, when i go back to them, 12 from a hang is WORK.

sets of 8-12 are usually my warm up exercise for back day.

For the record: I hate seeing kipling bullshit pull ups. if folks are doing those then i want them to stop, do 12 from a dead hang, if they can...well then, kipling away i suppose, but it would stop me from thinking they look stupid. crossfit has it's place but all these wingnuts are invading gyms everywhere. have fun w/ that shoulder or back injury folks, on a continuous time line the fanatics who got into crossfit to get ripped will eventually be out of the game because they fucked themselves with a massive injury.


My most was 23ish at bodyweight, on the last 3 or 4 reps the quality of the reps would naturally break down but not like I started swinging or anything.

The problem is that I was 150lbs at the time, adding 40-50 lbs fairly quickly pretty much changes the dynamic of a pullup. The most I've done at current bodyweight is ten.

BTW, does anyone else's glutes cramp up while attempting max reps pullups?


Currently can do about 18 pull-ups, the first 14 of which are complete dead-hang, and the last 4 with about 90% correct form.

If I switch to neutral grip, I can get to 20 or 21.

I'm at 242 lbs as of this morning.


You're one critical son of a gun.


I could 20 bw one right now @ 249lbs


Sweet, I am feeling like a beast with my numbers. I am going dead hang to chin over bar for my reps, I just weigh much less than you guys. I am going through a divorce and i have lost 20lbs and I'm down to a shredded 175lbs at 5'10. I am trying to add some weight back on, but when you drop 20lbs in 4 months pull ups get a hell of a lot easier.




The Divorce Diet? Hmm, maybe I should try that one.