How Many Protein Shakes?

Do you think there is having too man protein shakes per day? Sometimes I end up having up to 4 or 5.

Unless you are over 250lbs, yes, that is too many. There is no reason for a newbie to be basing his food intake on protein supplements. The smaller you are, the EASIER it should be to get enough calories and protein from whole food sources. This gets harder to do the bigger you get. Protein isn’t going to magically make you grow by itself. Caloric intake and consistency are the largest factors.

Some guy beginning this without a solid understanding of REAL FOOD is going to be at a disadvantage the more size they gain.

I have a 100 gram protein shake for break fast because I cant eat much in the morning and I have to make up for my crapy school lunch

[quote]paul_b wrote:
Do you think there is having too man protein shakes per day? Sometimes I end up having up to 4 or 5.[/quote]

It depends… some days I have 0, some days I might have 4. I always try to get all my calories from solid food, if for no other reason than it tastes better, but sometimes due to my schedule I can’t always do that.

I would say on average I have one protein shake, about 700 calories total, split into two shaker bottles. So does that count as one or two?

I wouldn’t recommend it either but I have been guilty of this on numerous occasions. I have been known to get lazy with my meal preparation…I’d rather consume 5 protein shakes than not meet my daily protein requirements. Still real food is always your best option (with the exception of your workout and post workout shakes)

Plan ahead so that you don’t have to rely on protein shakes. I grilled probably 10 pounds of chicken today along with another 5 pounds of London broil. (Big sale this week on those two meats!!!)

Should keep me stocked with protein for the week, and it cost about the same as a big tub of protein powder. Plus I’ve got some fresh fruit and veggies, more oatmeal, and enough milk. Hopefully I’ve planned for the upcoming week well enough that I won’t need shakes other than when I wake up and at bedtime, as well as post-workout.