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How Many Protein Shakes Per Day?


Is there a limit to how many protein shakes its safe to drink a day?
Im currently on the T Dawg 2.0 Diet and while Im hitting my caloric goals with a bit of room Im missing a bit of protein. I currently drink 3 servings of ON Whey Protein which contains 24 grams of protein in each serving. I mix the whey with water. I get a serving of fish, chicken, dairy, vegetables, fruit etc everyday through natural food intake. Sometimes beef.

Im probably being paranoid but Id rather know for sure.


Is there a limit to how much chicken or beef you can safely eat?? NO!! Well unless you eat yourself to DEATH but damn. Same with shakes I do as little as zero and probably as many as 10+ scoops a day depends day to day on protein need, my sched etc.

Just have as many as needed to fill requirements after real food.

Yup being paranoid. Its just protein man eat it.
its powdered FOOD.


Exactly 11, if you drink more you're probably going to die


consume a shake every 4-5 hours even at 4 a.m :).. but never forget to consume before maybe even during a workout and at best 15 min. after your w/o.


Good deal, I had a feeling this was going to be the response but Id rather DO IT then what the fuck is wrong with you. Thanks!


I believe this is why God, err scratch that, [u]Biotest[/u] invented Surge.



Try to stick to real food as much as you can.
When you're busy the shakes come in handy though.


Right. You might want to try food. Protein shakes are supposed to SUPPLEMENT your protein intake, not form the basis of it (with a few exceptions such as things like the Velocity Diet). Get as much protein from food as you can. Though I do like Metabolic Drive before bed and Surge after workouts. Otherwise, I try to stick to real food as much as possible.