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How Many Pounds Per Year?


I've been working seriously and consistenly for about a year, and I've gained about 15-16 lbs. I weighed about 144 when I started and now I;m up to 160. It's mostly muscle I think, not quite sure because I have not done any body fat percentage tests or anything, but I think I can tell just based on the fact that my stomach has stayed flat, and my muscles are relatively defined. Basically I'm just wondering if that is a normal amount of weight gain in a year for a beginner.


For a beginner I wouldn't think so. But you can't make generaliztions like that because everyone is different. Alot of it depends on your overall caloric intake.


Eat more.


to keep the same bodyfat i think its decent and i dont care what others say


Your weight is pretty meaningless without your height and age.


I'm about 5 11 and 19 years old. Thanks for the replies.


I dunno. I think that in your first year of lifting especially if you have a resource like T-Nation you should be able to put on a little more. Then again like I said it all depends on the person.


Oddly enough, that's almost exactly the weight jump I made in a year of training
. . . but I'm a 43 year old woman.

Yeah, actually.


It does depend on the individual which makes questions like this impossible to answer, especially without knowing what the person looks like and the changes they have made.