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How Many Pounds Per Month Should You Be Gaining?

What does “late intermediate” mean?
Do you have specifics? What would you rate one time your body weight for 10 reps in the bench press?
What about 1.5 times your body weight?

If you want specifics answers we need specific data.

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Personally I have always found that notion way overstated… holds more true for guys wearing bench and squat suits in filling them out.

Now if we’re talking about making sure glycogen stores are fully loaded and your loaded with a lot of water in the muscle thats a plus.

Plus there is diminished returns in gaining excessive weight in the form of excessive body fat.


But what if you have “semblance of abs?” -lol


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:sob::sob::sob: I resemble that remark.

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It’s the node between middle intermediate and early advanced, duh!


Which begs the question: What is late advanced?

I’ve only heard of a handful of Tibetan Monks that achieved this status throughout human history. Reports say they developed Dwayne Johnson levels of muscularity and leanness through sheer meditation.

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Also I’m a 20 year old man

I’ve been lifting for 3 year and a half my maxes are as follows; bench is 265lbs, 440lbs on the squat, 460lbs on the dead lift and ohp is 190lbs. I’m 205lbs 6ft 1 idk my bf percentage but it looks like 17% probably, can’t tell accurately to be honest maybe somewhere between 15 to 20 percent body fat.

Three and a half years training is plenty of time to have hit a plateau, possibly a few times. IMO, progress will be slow going forward. Relying solely on your genetics, I would say you could gain 6 lbs of muscle next year with good nutrition and progressive training program. This rate of gain will taper off a little each subsequent year.

IMO, work to get 10 reps with:

  • 1.5 times your body weight in bench press
  • 2 times your body weight in squat
  • 2 times your body weight in deadlift
  • 7/8 times your body weight in overhead press
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What in the world does this have to do with what I asked??? I asked how many lbs should I be gaining per month for the most optimal strength gain.

I can do the division for you. 6 pounds of weight gain next year equates to 0.5 pounds of weight gain per month.


You don’t just gain pure muscle when bulking, do you even know the science behind muscle building or are you trolling or are you just pure stupid??

If you don’t even know the basic principles of muscle building then please don’t give advice to anyone.

Also it’s not even what I asked for.

@RT_Nomad tell me if I am mistaken back in your prime didn’t you compete on stage?

@Chris_Colucci is permission granted?

Oh wow! Talk about open mouth and insert foot. You may want to just sign out now. Pretty sure nobody wants to help you after this.


Let’s just say I’m stupid for not mindreading what you asked.

For a person of your age and time in training I believe you can gain 0.5 lb of muscle every month. And at 17% body fat you aren’t remotely close to stage ready. And let’s also assume you don’t want to get obese.

Now, I would think that if you tried gaining more than 2 lbs a month, you might find yourself gaining more fat than you would want down the road. So, IMO, you could gain 2 lbs a month, so long as you monitor your % body fat at least monthly. The pinch test would suffice. It is relative even if it’s not precise. That is, you’re measuring more mm of skin folds, you’re getting fatter.

BTW, I am not a novice in competitive bodybuilding.


Lol …yeah it’s amazing you was able to compete without understanding the basic of muscle building :wink:

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Wtf does being stage ready have to do with anything I asked?

I don’t compete in bodybuilding and neither do I care about it, I don’t understand how you haven’t figured out that I’m looking to increase my overall strength.

I am pretty sure he advised you to work towards some 10 rep goals for the main lifts above. This would be a considerable increase in strength on your current. He also advised how much muscle you can realistically gain (0.5 lbs a month), this additional muscle would assist in your goals to getting stronger. He also advised that a gain of 2lbs a month would be sufficient and any more is probably too much. From what I have read above he has ticked all the boxes of what you asked. I do agree that being lean or stage ready is not relevant to your original question so maybe just ignore that part.
I am not sure what answers you were expecting to get from people as there is not really a black and white answer to the question you posted. Everything is subjective and will be someone’s opinion. Just because you didn’t get the answer you wanted doesn’t mean its wrong.
How much weight do you think you need to gain? How much weight do you want to gain?