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How many people here take the pre-workout WHEY and HIGH GI carb mix berardi recommends?

I have read it first here by berardi and recently in all of the mags. Yes prewokout PRO and CHO in easily diegestible forms leads to higher rates of PRO synthesis post workout. So how many peoiple here are doing this? Are you getting fat? Getting more muscle?

I’m a believer. Normally, I don’t handle high GI carbs well but 1/2 Surge Pre WO and 1/2 Post WO (25g Carbs before and 25g Carbs after) works well for me. Best time to take in high GI carbs.

Your name tells too much about yourself. (Damn skinny bastard) Suck it up already and take your pre/post workout meal. The research is clear. I don’t know why I waste my time, I can already tell that you’ll never gain any appreciable amount of size.

If you are worried about getting fat, you could use Glutamine and BCAA’s in the right amounts pre-workout instead…I always use a pro/carb mix POST-workout regardless of whether or not I am using glutamine/bcaas or a pro/carb mix pre-workout.

I eat oatmeal + protein (fish, chicken or shake) 1 to 2 hours before a workout, I try for 2 hours. 20 minutes into the workout I have 15 grams of whey protein + sugar in water, 20 to 40 minutes later (end of workout) I have 15 grams of whey protein + sugar in water. An hour after the workout I have more oatmeal + protein. I eat all I can the rest of the day but very clean.

I think the 1 hour post workout meal is supposed to be higher GI than mine but I just hate to eat sugar.

I can see all my abs, I am getting stronger slowly and getting a little bigger even slower. Everyone is different but eating like this will not necessarily make you fat.

Maybe i’ve adapted to a low carb diet for doing it for so long, b/c when I have carbs before a workout, even 2 hours before, I get light headed and dizzy, and my strength sucks. No food or no carbs and my workouts kick ass and NEVER have light-headedness. Oh, and I also get a nice extra layer of fat round my abs after a few days, but I will admit, I put on fat easier than most.

Do you think a pre AND post shake is ideal when trying to LOOSE weight?Thanks

I gain fat easily and have to watch my carbs, but pre and post workout Surge is great. Love the stuff. No fat gain, improved recovery, less soreness, better workouts etc.

Berardi is one smart cookie I tell ya! The pre/post training surge has worked great. Don’t forget the high GI meal after the surge too (I eat smart start w/ff cottage cheese). The rest of my day is clean with quality proteins and good healthy fats. Minimal carbs.
Plenty of energy ALL day long. Not losing any mass either. The 8 pack is on the way. It’s documented, tested, and it works!
Good luck!

I have 22g of whey 1 hour before working out, so that it’s in my blood during the actual session, then I have 22g of whey post workout with ~50g of glucose (whatever source I feel like). Oh, I can’t stand carbs before/during a workout - I have a P+F meal 2.5 hours before I work out.

Does anybody use MD6 or something comparable to that for pre-workout? Do fat burners have a negative impact on your workout? By workout I mean weight lifting with post lifting cardio.

I also take 1/2 serving of Surge pre and 1/2 serving of Surge post. I have felt it has been a tremendous addition and really helps in my recovery. Surge and a good quality protein is always first on my supplement list each month.

I seem to have the best training sessions of my life when I take two caps of MD6 about 45 mins before I start.