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How Many Of You T-MEN Shave Your Arms/Legs?

Just curious how many of you guys shave your arms and or legs and what the point of it is. I know it is supposed to make you look more defined, but last time i did it all of my friends started thinking i was a queer. I tried to explain to them that only manly-men shave, but they wouldn’t listen. Also, what do the chicks think about it? Do they like it or not? I was thinking about doing it again, but i dont know what the hell my girlfriend would think of it. Also, how often do you guys shave (daily, weekly, monthly) ?

I’ve been shaving my arms and chest for two years. I’ve been shaving my legs for 2 months (didn’t start until I tried androsol and had to) I think it makes me look bigger and more defined. My girlfriend says she doesn’t like it, but I think that is because she doesn’t like having other girls looking at me. Before I went out with her, girls said they loved it. I shave my entire body once a week.

I shaved my arms once. I liked the way it looked. So did my girl. I just received my Androsol order and figured I’d have to shave my arms and legs for proper application. (I am as hairy as a whooly mammoth.) The time I shaved my arms I got a lot of ingrown hairs, which is why I haven’t done it again. Does anyone have any tricks they use to keep from getting ingrown hairs? Thanks.

Tip for shaving without getting ingrown hairs:
Use a great quality razor such as the Mach 3 (remember to change the razor head often)
Use shaving cream (Duh)
Shave in the bath, not the shower, so you have lots of hot water to use. After a while you will get used to shaving and showers will be okay.

I have been shaving everthing for four years. Any yes, I did say everything…well, okay, I don’t shave my head. I have realised that the most important thing is to use a sharp razor. Body hair can be real damaging so you need to use a Mach 3 or a woman’s razor that is specially designed for body hair. Jan Tana makes a nice Nair-type product, but it still stings a bit and has a not so cool smell. Hope this helped!

Shave in a turkisch bath / steam room after spending 15 minutes there. every bald guy i know shaves there.