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How Many of You Regret Serving in the Army?


Just curious.
I'm talking more specifically infantry.
Usually you hear how it was an eye opening experience and blabla...

However, some of you out there must have hated your 3-5 years as enlisted (or even officer).
Assuming some of you did hate the service, why did you get in to begin with?

And anyone from Canada, Australia, France, UK, Germany, etc feel free to share your stories too.

I always find stories like this interesting, so please share.


Ive been in the infantry for twelve years, I volunteered to go to Iraqon my second tour with a pogue unit. I will never feel sorry for myself being in the infantry again.


Never feel sorry for myself! I love every minute of it.


Do you regret serving blaze?


So... you're looking to hear stories on how dudes hated being in the Infantry? Is this to reinforce a preconception or to commiserate with other people who didn't like their MOS? The going-in stance is that you're going to experience more than your fair share of the suck.

Being a grunt aint for everyone.


hell,only thing i regret is getting out(hindsight is sometimes a terrible thing)


Just regret that I got too old. At least I still get to train the new meats.

My grandfather was an artillery man in WW1 and I asked him the same thing and he said one of his regrets was that he felt bad he coudn't remember the faces of his friends that didn't come back.The most peacefull man you could ever meet.

When you see pictures of those soldiers in all the muck and mud,thats what he did for three years.I have a page of his diary and it reads right out of a history book.I should probably donate it to the local military museum to put on display.


I got a friend that regrets it says it was a waste of time for him. He was finished before Iraq started. Says his whole service consisted of sitting in bunkers and being bored out of his mind with other guys.

To be honest though he got paid for it and I am sure it didn't hurt his resume either. So I don't know why he complains.