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How many of you readers are Power Lifters


I would like to know how many of you are Power Lifters and use the Westside Method of training. I beleive this is a good way to meet people that have the same goals. I have read some interesting replies when people ask questions by scanning through several articles over the past 3 hours. So I figured I would give it a shot.



there are a few Westsiders here with the resident gurus being Goldberg, Sully, BigMartin et al.
Not all Westside trainers are powerlifters either, some of us just like getting strong quick :slight_smile:
check out Char's post on this forum or the training logs on the Dog-pound forum.


i be ones.


Whetu, Sully doesn't train Westside. At least I haven't seen him talking about it at all. If anybodys the authority its Goldberg, Steve Coppola, and big martin.


By the way, how did Steve's bench only meet yesterday go?


I train Westside but I'm not a strong as Goldberg -- yet.




I use Powerlifting/Strongman training, but I train Renegade style with Coach Davies.

In faith,


not all pl are westsiders either

I pl but dont train WS


I was and still sort of am.


very good topic! i shoulda thought of that. :slight_smile:

i train westside...


sorry i meant steve, had just been reading a sully post and got confused, that what happens to th sleep deprived


I am a powerlifter that trains Westside.

Chrismcl, the meet went well. Ended up making 365 on my third attempt with a lot left in me. I'll get 400 by November, possibly by the meet in August.


Names Big Martin and I am westside for life.


Sully has trained Westside in the past, got good gains from it and recommends it to others.


Hey motherfucker I do to train Westside! :slight_smile: I use Westside for power lifting of course, but also elements of it for strongman training as well. Since I am currently preparing for nationals in strongman, I haven't been as active on the PL threads, but rest assured, I use Westside.


Oooh, somebody's touchy today.

Sully, no beer for you this past weekend? ;-p


Plenty of beer actually! :slight_smile:


He's probably been running low on money lately and thus has only been able to buy 40's.

That'd explain why he's in such a touchy mood. Or it could just be that time of the month. :wink:


I'd NEVER drink a 40 goddammit! Hehe, unless Trappist beers started coming in 40's, then I'd consider it.