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How Many of You Pull Fast?


Hey I was wondering, I've been doing a lot of researching on the deadlifts and what works for most people. Seems like a lot of people get gains from pulling heavy off the floor once, maybe twice a month. Other work is just heavy accessory -things like heavy back extensions, front squats seems to be up there as well, good mornings etc etc.

In a monthly cycle if they pull off the floor once a month, they will rotate (front squats, GM's etc) and out of 4 weeks...one of the weeks they will pull for speed off of the floor...lets say for 10 singles (depending how much volume and work you will do afterwards) 10 singles...as fast as possible..100lbs or more below their max.

How many of you actually have found that speed deadlifts during a cycle actually help (THOSE OF YOU THAT TRAIN THIS WAY) cause I know I pull from the floor every week for so long and I get absolutely nowhere.

And I want to know how many of you does it really help. I'm talking sub-par deadlifters...it seems the stronger you are, the more speed work is beneficial.....but for guys in the 500 range..and those who go below 500 because of improper training (pulling too heavy too often) does it help as much, or what?



The best deadlift gains I've ever had have come from a month or more without deadlifting, where I focused on squatting and posterior chain work. On that note, I'm going into the last week of a mini cycle with a front squat, rack pull and 45degree hypers, so I'll let you know how my pull is in a few weeks.


I think speed pulls are useful until you develop speed. Then you just need to do them every 2-3 weeks to maintain your speed, because you won't really get faster.

A lot of my deadlift training is deadlift variants for sets of 3-5 reps. I don't do a competition style deadlift off the floor very often.


Doing speed work screws up my form on squat/bench. I've never done speed deads.


jmloach - I agree fully! Too bad for a year I made the same mistake and tried to pull heavy off the floor all the time and got absolutely nowhere!
I did an 8-9 week deadlift cycle where I only pulled from the floor ONCE during that whole time and went from a 425 deadlift to a 500lb deadlift. That was a long time ago...why I didn't stick with that kinda set-up...probably just cause I was dumb and wanted to try everything. But that's all I did, front squats, hyperextensions heavy etc.

Before all I did for back was deads..I am ready to make some awesome deadlift gains! lol

wild_iron_gym - Sounds good man, that actually makes a lot of sense. and espeically for a sub-par deadlifter we would probably need less speed work and keep concentration on making gains on the variants and what not.

besides...warmup sets are done explosive so technically we are getting a bit of DE work each time we pull from the floor, when we decide to pull a few heavier singles off the floor.


I have been doing speed pulls for a few years now with a lot of success. Speed pulls have really helped me blow the weight off the floor and carry it through my sticking point, right above my knees. I always follow them up with some heavy RDL's, SLDLS, or light dimel deads.

As far as how deads fit into my training:

Once a month I do a max deadlift variation on my ME Lower day and its usually rev. band deads. might try some chain pulls this cycle. Speed pulls are done every DE lower day after squats. I never really go over 405lbs with quaded minis and only pull singles. about 6-8 sets, depending on how the bar speed is that day. After speed pulls i rotate through a dl accessory. so, week 1: RDL for a 6 rep max, Week 2: Dimel deads for a few sets of 20-25, Week 3: RDL's for a rep max with a set weight (my best with 500 is 12) , Week 4: Dimel Deads(deload week).

Thats about it. My lockout sucks, so a lot of this is geared towards fixing that. I think most people pull too heavy too often. Once a month is awesome because I am so fucking jacked up to deadlift, there is no way on earth I am not setting a PR.

Hope this helped!


any opinions about doing defecit deads (no bands / chains)as speed sets ?


Those can help if you're slow/weak off the floor. Just make sure they are fast. I think if you go too heavy where they are slow, then they'll beat the crap out of you. I do them against bands every 3-4 weeks. They need to be lighter than regular speed pulls.


yup , they were lighter than regular speed pulls ; and pretty fast . they were only elevated about 2 inches . wasnt sure about them , so I kept a minimal defecit .



"I think speed pulls are useful until you develop speed. Then you just need to do them every 2-3 weeks to maintain your speed, because you won't really get faster."



Since no one else seems to, I'll speak up.

I pull every week, not counting an occasional deload. Pretty heavy, too. Two years ago (almost to the day) I pulled 490 at my first meet. I'm at 575 right now and making a push for 600 by the end of the year.

Started out with Coan's DL routine ( http://tsampa.org/training/scripts/coan_phillipi_deadlift/ ). I have been working triples lately. I've also used deficit pulls for speed work and that dramatically helped my pop off the floor. Accessories are GMs, BORs, and SLDLs.

I just recently got some light and average short bands from EFS and have been using them. My lockout is my weak spot and I like the feel of the bands, so far. I work up to a heavy single with the bands (+105 at lockout), then step out for a double.

I will be doing a push/pull in May and will make up my mind about the benefit of the bands.


I love speed pulls for increasing the deadlift. I utilize them in cycles, but whenever I do, my deadlift seems to jump 15-25 pounds in a 5-7 week period.


I don't have bands, chains, or blocks available to do any additional work.

So all I do is pulls from the floor. And I do speed work every week. But that works very well for me though. I'm not as experienced as most of you gentlemen, but I've learned that JW's 5/3/1 with the Boring But Big method works exceptionally well for me. So I do 40-50% of my 1RM(455) and do my speed work there.

Please let me know if I'm off the beaten path here rasturai.



I agree with Wild Iron
I would add.....Usually no more than 50% of 1rm @ 4reps for speed work to start with.


I am extremely weak off of the floor, so I don't pull that often anymore. I focus on bringing up my squat now, and my deadlift has been steadily improving. Maybe this has a lot to do with the fact that I'm built to pull, but that's what's been working for me.

When I do pull, however, it is usually for speed. This is because I'm about as fast as a snail trying to go up a down escalator.


OK, so your weak off the floor and slow as a snail yet you think you are built to pull?? I don't get it.. lol,please tell me this is a joke...


I meant in terms of body structure. Long arms, shorter torso, etc. What I was trying to convey in my above post is that my leg strength is my weakness, so I am addressing that with squats now. If I can break a weight off of the floor, I can finish it.


good replies...seems like a lot of ppl do well pulling for speed in a cycle, and in that cycle using things like squats, posterior chain exercises and the like to bring up either weakpoints or just to get stronger overall.

I'll add in some speed pulls and give them a try, deadlift has been goin nowhere in a long time and I gotta spice it up a bit lol.


i've seen guys rip the barbell off the floor and explode up really fast, if that's what you mean?

me, I can't do that, and unless you're pulling well within your strength range, pulling anything mzx or near max fast like that seems to me like looking for injury.


Do you know how FEW people are a level where they're so fast that their form is thrown off during a competitive lift (a la Brian Siders) or are as fast as they're gonna get or can even tell that they're at that level yet or are inherently fast? Probably close to no one on this board.

Here's an example of a man that's actually so fast that he could back off from speed work. Please pay attention to bar speed in the bench.