How Many of You Overreach for Supercompensation?

I was reading about the supercompensation effect when you rest after giving your body more than it could handle and it’s very interesting topic…

So how many of you choose to train this way rather than recover fully every workout? For hypertrophy purposes.

How was it like?

This is why I was telling you to start at a lower volume.

You do not overreach from day one. You build up volume weekly to a state of overreaching, you then deload and start over. You plan for it.

ok dude i understand that but the volume i was doing was not overreaching for me… i just didnt take a day off when i should have

I train in 6 week cycles with a deload on the 7th week. Typically, on that 6th week, I get REAL stupid with my training, knowing I’ll have a week to recover. For the most part though, the majority of my training is in the realm of overreaching when left to my own devices.

have you found that you improve much more from the balls to the wall week 6?

I wouldn’t have an appreciable way to track it compared to NOT training that way to be able to say.

If I’m going way for a week I will, but then I won’t train in any way at all in that week. Otherwise no.

If I walk out of the gym alive, it wasn’t more than my body could handle.

Sincerely, a guy with a tendency towards self destruction

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love it

It must amuse you to hear people complain of DOMS.

“Bro! I couldn’t make leg day. The DOMS from yesterday was too much for me”
“That’s nothing, I was a pile of ash. No chance of getting into the gym”

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Damn autocorrect, it always changes spontaneous combustion to self destruction.

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Overreaching, supercompensation, interesting? Bah, all these big words make my head hurt.


dat dude pimps hoes i bet

what doesnt kill you…