How many of us neglect this muscle group?

I’ve discovered the key to health!

Holy shit, that was funny. The real question is, how did you find this book?


Oh yeah, you’ve got to get that book! I’ve been doing sphincter raises for a couple months now and my A-hole’s never felt better!

I get a lot of strange looks in the gym, but as soon as I show them my results, they just walk away and leave me be.

Ass-sphincter says what?


Sphincter - sphincter. That is my new favorite word.

I used to go to sphincterobics, but the instructor was an asshole. I couldn’t convince any of the other students she was full of shit.

New book for donkeys - Chicken Soup for the Ass Soul

The only sphincter exercise I know of is the kagel. It is found to reduce incontinence in elderly women by 81 percent. So all of the elderly women on the T-mag forum should start doing kagel exercises.

The kagel is also supposed to help men control ejaculation, and give them the ability to have a “male multiple orgasm.” This exercise can help a man to last for about as long as he want to. Although there are supposed to be some other things that a man can do to help improve the effect. Hey, maybe I should write up an article on this for Testosterone. “Dick control 101”, or “Mastering your Johnston”, or “How strengthening your asshole can make you a real man.”

If u are good with ur Sphincter u can make funny shapes and animals on the toilet. It is art anyone want to see some pictures?