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How Many mls is 50mg?

Noob question have 3 ml syringes and I need dosage of 50mg of winnie daily how many mls does that equat to ?

What’s the concentration of your winny?

The time it took you to post this, you could have googled it. You seem like a stupid fuck to me.

My man, steroids are not for you. This is the least complicated math problem you will face while using gear, so if it’s too high of a bar to clear then get out now before you hurt yourself. This stuff is no joke. These are real drugs that have real consequences even if you do them properly. And you aren’t likely to be doing them properly, at least based on what I’ve seen so far. Don’t proceed.


400 :blush:

400mg/ml? Wow is that normal? Well anyway so 50mg of that is 1/8ml (.125ml), but maybe it’s not the right time to be doing this

50/400 = 0.128

So you need 0.128 ml.

If you can’t do basic math you should probably not be taking steroids.


Seems pretty high to me.

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Sounds like a high concentration/ml, for winstrol. Might be pretty painful stuff.

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Well… That depends on how many MG per ML it has, lmao.

400 seems like extremely a high concentration. Id be willing to bet it’s Winston 50 if it’s injectable. Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you start.