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How Many mg of Tribulus?


how many mg of tribulus is recomended to be taken on a daily basis? I know it varies with weight... Im 195lbs, 28yrs old... right now im taking 2600mg per day. Is this too much or should i take more?


The potency of tribulus varies wildly from one manufacturer to the next.

You're best bet is to stick with a quality company like Biotest and follow the label.


I use 5g a day when I decide to use it. I think anywhere from 2-5g is a good dose, not had any sides and it's good for the libido.


so if im currently taking 2.6g, 1.3 X 2 (6 hours apart), if im going up to 4g should i take 2g X 2? or 1.3 X 3? what would be best?


I usually take it all at once just b/c I tend to forget to take split doses. But if you can remember I'd go with 2x2. Do it with breakfast and then around lifting time.


thnks 4 the tip!