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How Many Meets Per Year?

Hey guys. I’m new to the forum and powerlifting in general, and was wondering if I could get some advice. I’m doing my first meet in 6 weeks, and am stoked. I’m just curious as to how many meets you would recommend a beginner do in a year.

I was thinking in the ballpark of 3, allowing 12 weeks to peak before the meet and about a month off before resuming training again. Is this reasonable? Or would I be better off with sticking to 1 or 2? My best gym maxes as of now are 365 SQ 275 BP 505 DL, and I weigh a wet 260, so I’ll probably just compete in the 275 class this time round.

unless youre name is malanichev, you dont need a month off of all training after a meet

I prefer a minimum of 12 weeks between meets so 2-3 I would say is plenty but, I could see 4-5 tops.

I did 4 last year, and have done two this year, have another in August (if my shoulder is better) and in Nov/Dec.