How many meals should I eat?

I have been on Massive Eating for a while now and I have been eating about 7-8 meals a day. My schedule is about to change and I see it hard to find the time to consume meals every two hours, so I was going to aim for 5-6 meals plus post workout shake. Mentally I don’t believe consuming 100 + grams of carbs and 50 + grams of protein is digestable in one sitting to get the 4000 calories, what are everyone’s thoughts?

Another question: How is possible to consume over 50 g of protein of food (not protein powdwer) and not get too much fat, for protein/carb meals?

I don’t think consuming 50 or more grams of protein at one sitting is bad. Sometimes my meals contain 40-70 grams of protein. So don’t go by the myth that you can only digest so much at one time. I think that has to do with bodybuilding minutia.

As for what types of meals to eat, I've found that the new drain packs of tuna are great! They contain 3.5 servings and it comes out to about 45-50 grams of protein if you eat the whole pouch. I get the Albacore tuna and just add whatever carbs or fat to it. Also, cottage cheese, beef, chicken and other meat sources could be used in larger quantities to get 50 or more grams of protein and still keep the ratios for Massive Eating. Do it up my man!

Nate Dogg has got this one covered. Nuff Said.

I would love to know how the idea of a limit got started. every study I see shows cals are evrything, includeing protien. the last one I saw showed it did NOT matter how often you ate, that waste matter was the same regardless of how often you ate. they did 3 meals vs 6 meals and found the EXACT same makeup of the waste