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How Many Lifts Per Session?


What do you guys think is the sweet spot in terms of exercises per session?

I think for me personally anywhere from 4-6 seems to work well whether it’s full body or upper/lower.

Anymore than 6 and I feel like I’m just lifting to lift when I can do some conditioning or mobility work instead.


I’m about the same for strength. I think it’s all goal specific though. If you’re pursuing bodybuilding or hypertrophy focused, doing only 6 movements probably won’t cut it. Similar to circuit training or whatever. In terms of strength though, I think only doing around 8 exercises in general is probably best. I watched a recent video of Wendler on Dave Tate’s YouTube about high school kids and he addresses this as well.

The whole series is good, but especially this one.


Four to eight. Probably no more than six of it’s lower body though. Up to eight for upper because there’s more to do.


Yeah, me too. If I were to do more lifts they’d be supersets or circuits. If it’s straight lifts one after the other I’d never normally do more than 5.


Impossible to say without also specifying how many sets/exercise.


I chuckled pretty good at the quip about the guy riding a Harley.


For strength gains: 1-3, for size gains: 4-6…for fat loss…4 billion!