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How Many Jumps/Throws Per Set During Warm-up Sets?

I have a question about reaching the higher recommended number of jumps/throws and what people here usually do for their warmup sets, as well as how they handle jumps/throws. Jim specifically says to not do high-rep jumps/throws (keep it up to 3 at most per set). Is this limit for just an exercise (doing 3 box jumps, then 3 medicine ball throws, then warmup set) or is it a generic way of saying to do no more than 3 explosive movements before a set?

I ask because my warmup sets have up to now been 40%, 50%, 60% (and yes I could additionally do jumps/throws on the first two worksets), but that means I have 5 sets to do 20 reps, so I need to do 4 jumps/throws per set. Wouldn’t this force me to have to do a “superset” of let’s say 3 box jumps and 1 medicine ball throw since it’s not suggested to do 4 box jumps?

To put it simply, is it fine for me to do 3 ~jump/throw exercise 1~, then 3 ~jump/throw exercise 2~, and then the warmup set (which means I could get 18 jumps/throws in before starting the main lift sets)? Or should I be doing no more than 3 explosive reps of an exercise before a set? Today I found that I was not winded but my heart was definitely beating after doing the 6 explosive reps and right before a warmup set. Am I just that out of fucking shape and this question really shows how much of a bitch ass I am? :slight_smile:

Holy crap, so it IS possible to overthink jumps/throws, who would have thought.

I think I’ve seen sets of 3-5 mentioned somewhere… but damn, it doesn’t matter. I would experiment and do a set of 4 jumps to see what happens. If you miss your PR goal by 7 reps I’ll eat my words. It’s good you’re doing them though, I think this is a very often neglected part of the program. Also you don’t have to jump AND throw every workout… and the 3rd paragraph confuses the hell out of me.

I laughed out loud when I read your first sentence. Yeah…I’ve been told I tend to overthink a ton, I’m not surprised. Sorry about the confusing paragraph. Here’s what I am asking (which is acceptable):

Requirement: 20 jumps/throws

  1. (3 box squats -> 3 long jumps -> squat/bench press/deadlift/press/whatever) x 3 = 18 total jump/throws
  2. (3 box squats -> 3 ball throws -> squat/bench press/deadlift/press/whatever) x 3 = 18 total jump/throws
  3. (3 box squats -> squat/bench press/deadlift/press/whatever) x 5 = 15 total jump/throws
  4. (4 box squats -> squat/bench press/deadlift/press/whatever) x 5 = 20 total jump/throws
  5. (5 box squats -> squat/bench press/deadlift/press/whatever) x 4 = 20 total jump/throws

The part of me that was saying “Shut the fuck up and stop overthinking it” as I wrote this post told me that 1-5 are completely acceptable. The part of me that overthinks everything has the following concerns with respect to the aforementioned plan:

  1. Both are jumps, and you shouldn’t do more than 3 box jumps, and long jumps is just as strenuous, so this therefore is too much work.
  2. Too many explosive movements before a set. My heart was heavily beating after doing the jump/throws and before the actual lift
  3. Meets restriction of doing only 3 explosive movements per lift, but comes out 5 reps short of 20 recommended jump/throws.
  4. Jim had said no more than 3, but one more won’t kill me
  5. Dang, maybe doing 5 might turn this into a conditioning workout.

I usually do 5x3 or 3x5 and I have not had any issues. I usually do jumps or throws depending on the lift of the day, but if I do both I still keep the total around 15. I sometimes do them after warm up/mobility, sometimes mixed in with warm up / mobility, and sometimes between warm ups sets of the main lift.

As you alluded to, you’re definitely overthinking it.

I don’t think the sets and reps matter for jumps and throws. Just choose an appropriate total to hit depending on what else you are doing in your program. (ex. don’t do 20 jumps if you’re doing BBB).

Just focus on each one being explosive and perfect. Remember, if you are out of breathe and tired after jumping than you’re doing something wrong.

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2-3 sets of 3-5 reps. Jumps OR throws. 10-20 jumps total, etc… It doesn’t matter if you jump or throw, just that you jump or throw. Throws should be a 10-12 pound medicine ball, doing full body forward chest passes, overhead forward/backward throws. Jumps include box jumps and standing long jumps for a majority of the population; there are more complicated jumps, but don’t worry yourself with them right now. Just get the jumps or throws in and they shouldn’t be considered part of your warm-up; they are part of total programming and help with total body awareness and power. Jim explains this all in the new book.


My current routine asks for 10 jumps, I simply do them after the initial warmup. I like to do 2x single long jumps, followed by 2x triple long jumps, followed by 2x single long jumps for a total of 10, I simply take some time between each jump/triple jump.
I don’t pay any attention to how far I jump, I simply set up, focus on using the whole body and most of all focus on landing propely (balanced). So far, I’ve survived.

If your program asks for 20 jumps, I’d simply split them up in the warmup routine and/or the warmup sets of the main lifts… that’s all.

More people should overthink jumps and throws since most people do them wrong. If they aren’t done with optimal technique they will have almost no benefit and possibly cause problems down the road.

Ok Billy, best wishes to you and your optimal jumping and throwing.


Thanks, kind wishes from a master of alliteration mean the world to me.

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I throw my med ball as far as I can. Walk over to grab it. And throw it back the other way. Repeat fo 10-20 throws

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I really appreciate this comment. I have decided to be better about doing the warmups and jumps/throws. But I work out alone in my basement. My plan has been to do just this. Take my ball into my backyard, throw it, walk and/or jump over to it and repeat. I figure if it’s stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid.